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LSRG Nieuws

Frank Persyn rent ultramarathon voor stichting Vlinderkind

Blisters for Blisters

Friday August 28, 2015 at 5:30 PM, I will start in the 2015 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. The UTMB® is a single-stage mountain ultramarathon around the Mont Blanc over 166KM (103 mi) with a total elevation gain of 10,000M (30,000 feet). The UTMB® is regarded as the most difficult footrace in Europe. 

I will start in the UTMB because I love running and because I love and hugely respect the great outdoors. But more importantly, I will run this race to raise money for the “Vlinderkind” ("Butterfly Child") Foundation . The Vlinderkind Foundation raises money to find a breakthrough in the search to find a cure for EB. 

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a life treatening genetic skin condition which causes the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch.  Patients' skin is literally as fragile as the wings of a butterfly. It’s a rare disease (globally 1 in every 22.000 people and 1 on every 10,000 births) which has a very sever impact on EB patients and everybody closely involved. 

I was made aware of this disease via Jack, a rugby friend of mine who's son Jesse has EB. After understanding the earnestness and impact of EB  (as well through the documentary “The boy whose skin fell off” about Jonny Kennedy - a 36 year old EB patient who filmed the last months of his life), I decided to raise money to support the Vlinderkind Foundation running the UTMB®.  Jack is one of the founders of the Vlinderkind Foundation - which is one of the main financial donors for international scientific research to find a breakthrough for a cure.

My post-race blisters will heal. 

Unfortunately, the blisters of EB patients not (yet).  Thanks for supporting me in raising money to support the Vlinderkind Foundation in their support to search for a breakthrough to find a cure for this disease.

Thanks so much.

Frank Persyn

More information on EB can be found on: (Dutch) (UK sister foundation)


LSRG I promoveert naar de 2e klasse!

De NRB stond afgelopen seizoen enkele malen aan de afgrond, maar dit alles heeft het LSRG niet getroffen.

Door een goeie aanwas, veel trainen en een immer geil Gevoeltje heeft het 1st XV zich omhoog gevochten, daar waar we horen!

Open Vrouwen Rugby Clinic op 3 februari

Heb jij geen (of weinig) ervaring met rugby, maar lijkt het je wel een leuke sport? Kom dan naar onze rugby Clinic! In deze clinic leren we je de rugby basis-skills onder leiding van Thom de Ruyter, een ervaren speler uit het Nederlandse Herenteam! We zijn op zoek naar spelers voor ons damesteam, als je enthousiast gebleven bent na deze clinic ben je uiteraard welkom op onze trainingen! We trainen elke dinsdag (19.00) en donderdag (19.30).

We zien je hopelijk 3 februari om 18.30 op het USC kunstgrasveld!

English version:

Do you have little experience with rugby, but would you still be interested in trying out? Come to our rugby clinic! In this clinic we will be teaching the basic rugby skills under the coaching of Thom de Ruyter, an experienced player from the Dutch mens team! We are looking for enthousiastic players for our womens team. If this appeals to you, you're welcome to train with us every Tuesday (19.00) and Thursday (19.30).

Till 3 february at 18.30 on the astro turf opposite the University Sportcenter!

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LSRG Team of the Month in Rugby World

Leidsch Studenten Rugby Gezelschap (LSRG) has been chosen as team of the month June 2011 in:


This article appeared in the June 2011 issue of Rugby World Magazine:

Leidsch Studenten Rugby Gezelschap – Team of the Month (June 2011)

lsrg teamofthemonth

AS ONE of the top university teams in the Netherlands, Leidsch Studenten Rugby Gezelschap (LSRG) had every right to think they would be consulted when plans for a new university sports centre were being drawn up in Leiden. After all, so devoted are LSRG to their pitch that they even have a name for it, the Palenpad, and sing about it in their club song.

Furthermore, they’ve played in the Leiden BioScience Park for all 50 years of their existence, staying put when the football and hockey clubs chose to go elsewhere.

Yet, seduced by the idea of attracting back other field sports with more potential players (and thus more revenue), the authorities have decided to ditch the rugby pitch. “We’re livid, not least as we weren’t allowed to participate in the process,” says fly-half Paul Walenkamp, a 45-year-old Aussie banker who only took up rugby at 34. “I don’t think they understand what we do, don’t see that we’re an established bona fide rugby club with a history and tradition.”

Coached by ex-Netherlands coach Iain Krysztofiak and Scot Keith Muirhead, LSRG this term finished fourth in the country’s third tier. March brought two memorable wins: 30-14 at Utrecht, where players sank to their ankles in mud, and 19-5 against Ezrc Oemoemenoe.

About 80% of the side are students, including prop mainstays Peter ‘Uncle Fester’ Verkerk, 140kg and not all of it muscle, and Kees ‘Meat’ Hogewoning. Alex Hoyng is a full-back of rare vision while skipper is No 8 Ollie Smart, from Gloucester, who is studying to be a sports teacher.

Just back from a tour to Scotland which included a fixture with old friends Currie, LSRG are ready to fight for their piece of turf. Best of British luck to you – and here are 22 kitbags from Canterbury for winning our Team of the Month award.

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