TRAINING: Tuesday: 1XV 21.00-22.30, 2XV 18.00-19.30, Ladies XV 21.00-22.30 // Thursday: 1XV 19.30-21.00, 2XV 19.30-21.00, Ladies XV 19.30-21.00


LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. Te Werve

Last Sunday, the first super Sunday of the post COVID rugby season, the just relegated WRC te werve were the opponents of the 1XV. WRC te werve also knowns as the Banana peel team, given to them by Coach K,  were known for having some great players and which always rock up 30 minutes before the game after which they smash you without any warm-up of some sort. We were warned and prepared very well in the weeks before.  

As expected, we were already 20 minutes doing the warm-up while they just hit the changing rooms to prepare for the match. The game kicked off and we started on the back foot. Te werve had some good players among their forwards and backs which we needed to get used to. An early mistake and some passiveness in defence gave Te Werve the opportunity to score (5-0). Lets call it Leidsch kwartiertje as this ignited our game. Lonny and Bram lead up front and literally everyone followed and didn’t give an inch away in defence. We started setting Te Werve back in their attack and were pressuring them all over the field. Te Werve really wasn’t up for this and we scored twice in a row to get ahead of them. Nonetheless, Te Werve still had some classy players and after some silly penalties they could get back in the game (14-10). A important quality for playing rugby, typically not seen within the LSRG is the strength of the 1XV this year. While normally depending on strength in attack and some players with flair, defence and system play are the key qualities of this 1XV. This started to throw its fruits off as Te Werve got tired, as usual but normally can still rely on a few breaks or magic moment of there good players and our weak defence. This was not the case this game. We started smashing them and didn’t stop until the very last minute. The few times we had the ball we were either scoring tries or making a quick mistake. Nevertheless, we just didn’t give an inch away in defence. A perfectly run ‘Execution’ let us go into half time with a 21-10 lead.  

The second half was more or the less the same as the end of the first half. We defended like lions, didn’t give away meters and waited for our opportunities. A perfectly ran ‘Rocket’ by our Boer Geertje (Stijn), got everyone by surprise, except Bob as he threw the ball in its arms, as he ran in from halfway untouched. Some cheeky line-out steals from Twin Towers (Sjoerd) even gave them less to work with. After this fluid gates were opened. Big carries by Dirk and Flip were left unanswered and gave us a big lead. Our just returned Zimbabwean center (Kyle) helped us to close the deal and with a perfectly ran Playstation with Sidestep Petey Steph du Koen on the end of it finished the day in style.  

I can probably go more into detail and have probably missed to mention a lot of our players who also had a great game. Nevertheless, we won big time from one of the better teams in our competition and we did it as a team. I was mentioning also after the game that this is actually one of my first years were we are really relying on the team effort and every game someone else steps up while we just to be very reliant of one or two individuals for a whole season.  

Enough said, honourable mentions for the whole squad as everybody gave it there all and got us the win. Special mentions go out to our team defence which gave us the win, and which was 100x better than the week before and next to that our Man of the Match Dirk who has a pain in the ass for Te Werve as they needed to commit at least three guys to each tackle and for scoring two tries.   

Always drifting,  

Maurits, Aziz, the Moroccan bomb, Thomson

L.S.R.G. 2XV vs. DIOK 4 Amigos

It’s been almost a year since the Second XV last played at our beloved Palenpadje and it was great to celebrate our return with a derby against the Amigos of DIOK 4 on super Sunday. After a tough first match of the season at Rotterdam last week we saw that there was plenty for our players to work on, but the energy was there at practice and we had the numbers as well.

Torn from our warm beds far too early by an overly enthusiastic Hein who thought we needed to show up almost 2 hours before kickoff, the young dogs set up the field for a great day of rugby. Sadly, our Coach Merlijn couldn’t be there, but we were left in the very capable hands of Maupi en Bram.

The first half was a tough battle, and the first 20 minutes were mostly played within our 22 and on defense. The old men of DIOK still had the energy and this combined with their experience meant that they quickly managed to score two tries and one conversion. Soon after Dilano took a big hit and went to the side as well as Luuk Soleil who took a hit to the neck. Approaching half time DIOK started to lose some steam, and thanks to some massive tackles from Louwke on defence they only manage to score once more before the whistle. Score 0 - 19

The second half started roughly the same way with another try from DIOK, though the Amigos had also lost a few players to injuries and other issues, and soon the game started turning around. 10 minutes into the second half Mees received the ball out wide and was left with an open field to run in his first try. Shortly after, DIOK countered with one of their own, but they could not capitalize on several opportunities to score more. The gaps in the DIOK defensive line were getting bigger and Lucas managed to break through and get the ball to Luuk Soleil who had decided he was fine and showed it by pressing our second try. Everyone was tired by now, but they all showed great character and heart and kept pushing, and with a few minutes to go, the duo of Lucas and Luuk Soleil managed to break through again and scored. It seemed like the LSRG was on its way with a comeback with everything falling into place, but sadly it wasn’t to be. The ref’s whistle signaled the end of the game with a score of 17 – 29 in favor of DIOK.

Though we had lost, we once again saw great things in a team where nearly half the players had not yet played more than one match. For his hard work, great tackles and two line breaks that led to tries the man of the match was Lucas.

With a week off for 3 October we now have two weeks to work hard and learn from this match, lets see if we can get our first win! 

Landelijke opwarmdag Dames @Pickwick Players

After the NSK 2021 and the friendly match against DIOK it was time for the third opportunity since before the dark times, before corona, for the ladies to show the results of the effort they put into training throughout summer. Could we manage without our beloved Rells, Jan and Marie? Were we up to the challenge of encountering some skilled, dangerous and equally fired up ladies on the Opwarmdag Damesrugby on the eleventh of September?

Certainly, all of us were still rubbing the sleep out of our eyes when we gathered at Leiden Central Station in the early morning of that anticipated Saturday. When we arrived in Deventer, after a quick warm-up, we faced our first opponent: The Lady Bears. They proved to be a strong opponent by winning 10-7. But the first team for the ladies to encounter in the competition on the 26th of September had to endure the very first try of our dearly beloved secretary Sanne! If that doesn’t sound promising for the upcoming competition…

After that, both the Pickwick Players and RUS proved to be stronger too, despite our defense having improved since the NSK and the determination not to give up or hold back, which resulted in a strong try by Zoë against RUS. But despite not having won any of the matches, we gained team spirit, insights on more fitting positions for new players, skills to develop further which mean some promising things for the future. The Woman of the Match, Koos, played a strong game on the second row which made her title well deserved. Also: a special mention for Wendy who suffered a pretty bad case of (in her words) having her eye kicked into her skull. We wish her all the best of luck with her recovery! And last but not least: we’re more motivated than ever to get started with the competition.

N.S.K. Ladies and Gents

We can play again! For many, the NSK (Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap) 2021 was a reunion with an old friend. For some, it was a first encounter with a match and rugby traditions. After a long corona year, both the ladies and gents were finally able to have fun at the pitch again. L.S.R.G. faced their opponents with a lot of new players and both the young dogs and puppies have stood their ground firmly, after being marked with warpaint (Maroon, ofcourse) by our dear Ballboy. Tackles were made, rucks were formed and new rugby stars were born. Of course, this hasn’t been possible without the help and coaching of the more experienced L.S.R.G. players who put in the maximum effort to coach their labradoodles. Unfortunately, despite a first try against Obelix by Zoë, the ladies did not manage to get into the finals. However, through great team effort, spirit and most of all by having fun, the ladies have made their coach Dominique and each other proud. The gents have played some energetic games too, with players from the first and second mixed up for the tournament. And dear oh dear, those brand new kitshirts looked Geil!

Sadly, there was also a bittersweet taste to the tournament since we had to say goodbye to some L.S.R.G. veterans. Marie, Claire (Jan) and Mirella (Rells) are all three going to find their rugby luck elsewhere, but hopefully they will take a little bit of ‘t gevoeltje with them. Luckily for Jan and Rells, last Saturday, the puppies gave them more than enough opportunity to assert their powers as ‘zure driehoek’ one last time. They managed to lose…well what didn’t they manage to lose? And this was surely not only the fault of vajayjay Mip. Luckily, all lost items returned and everyone could turn to partying with peace of mind and the puppies certainly learned their lesson.

And party we did! The rugby spirit was for sure not left at the pitch. After (and maybe even during) the final, the music was turned on and the beer started to flow freely. It was clear that everyone was catching up on the gezelligheid that we missed so badly over the past year. Ieries seemed to appear out of nowhere as well as rusty dance moves that were put away for so long. Also, some L.S.R.G. members have definitely established some new connections with their fellow student rugby players. All in all, it was a good day and for now, let’s hope it is the first again of many great tournaments, games and parties in the future.

DXV vs. Foeiste Moiden

One-hundred and eighty-five days since our official promotion.

Over two-hundred days since our last match.

We went weeks without rugby practice.

But we were ready.

We arrived early at the Alkmaarse Rugby Club, welcomed by a closed gate and big rainy clouds. But nothing could tame our enthusiasm to be back on the pitch. No derby or warm-up day could satisfy our hunger to devour a second division team. Like a 23 headed beast our team entered the pitch. Well in time to loosen up our jaws, stretch our muscles and warm up our jaws. One by one our prey trickled in. Overwhelmed by our unity, our big number of girls, our level of skill. They managed to form a team of 13 girls. Since we came all this way to play a decent game we decided to donate not one but two of our fantastic new girls. Giving them an opportunity to watch how we play as a team from the other side of the battle, while gaining valuable game experience.

The game was played 15 to 14 girls. We started against the strong wind. They immediately came close to our try-line. This was not what we imagined, not how we wanted to start the game. We fought hard to not let them score. Trying to win meters by kicking the bal. But to no avail. Their first try was scored after 12 minutes, but that would be all they would have to celebrate that day. We reminded ourselves what we came here to do, it was time to show Alkmaar that we deserve to be in the second division.

We tried to go through the middle, again and again, making us lose the ball. We underestimated the power of our three quarter line. Rells managed to score a try from the scrum, Pauline also managed to score a try. Ending the first half in 7-12. The second half, we all got our head in the game. Kicking and chasing, making use of our new speedy rooky Flo. Who made amazing tackles and even more impressive runs, earning her the well-deserved Woman Of The Match title. Our scrums were strong, our line-outs high and greedy. We were standing deeper, aiding for better passing and catching. We made nice off-loads in attack. We kept using the joker. We kept recycling when breaking through to score a try. And Arie kept kicking the ball between the poles. Left and right people got knocked down and injured, luckily we had enough players to change them up. The sun broke through and we were on top of our game. Yv, Myrthe (twice!), Arie and Wendy settled the scores, pumping up our numbers in the second half to “veul” as Ashley would say. would later update us to 7-41, bringing LSRG Dames 1 to the top of the list.

No one knows how long we will get to stand in the top of the list. Lets hope we can stay there for the rest of the season, thanks to our skills, not thanks to Corona. Stay home, stay safe. And hopefully, we get a lot more opportunities to showcase our skill, intimidate and defeat the rest of the second division.

Keep your body fit and your inner beast hungry,


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