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Donateursborrel 2018

Geachte laagtacklende heer,

Dit weekend staat alweer de 3e ronde van het Six Nations toernooi op de rol. Kunnen de Schotten boven zichzelf uitstijgen? Blijft Ierland op koers voor een nieuw kampioenschap? We zullen het allemaal gaan volgen. De eindronde staat gepland op zaterdag 17 maart en de Stichting beheer LSRG 1960 zal traditiegetrouw een donateursborrel in de L'Espe organiseren!

Datum: Zaterdag 17 maart 2018
Start borrel: 15.00 uur (KO Engeland - Irerland 15.45 uur, 18.00 uur Wales-Frankrijk)
Locatie: L'espe
Om een inschatting te maken hoeveel man er komt, zou ik graag iedereen vragen om te laten weten of je komt. Wanneer je geen donateur bent, ben je ook welkom; er zullen voldoende inschrijfformulieren en speldjes aanwezig zijn. Dit kan via een mailtje naar
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This weekend was as said in earlier posts a huge one for the LSRG. With 2 losses and 1 one win it was also a slight disappointment. Only in the score though because on the field the skyblue and maroon showed what fighting spirit means. The 1XV lost against DIOK 23-24, the puppies lost against Obelix 44-7 and the 2XV won 35-34 over the Bassets. 
The 1XV as said lost by one point. Although sometimes lacking in quality there was an incredible amount of discipline and heart on the pitch. This season often individual or great team play managed to break the opponent from the start. But DIOK is unlike the other opponents this season. They ran up quickly on our backline and put pressure on our forwards. We struggled to handle them except for in the scrum where we were the dominant party. With 1 kick and 1 try from their side and 3 kicks from our side the 1st half ended 10-9. 
But as more often has been the case this season right after the match resumed there missed a crucial bit of focus. DIOK profited and got their 2nd try. Although the focus was back on there was still a lack of fluency in the game of the 1XV. It was not until another try from DIOK through a strong break that LSRG cleared their heads. With nothing to lose the last 15 minutes of the game were a demonstration of what this team was capable of. With the 1st try renovating the spirit DIOK was put against the wall. Especially the pack picked up intensity and managed to force a 2nd try for the last play of the game. This win does demoralize but it also gives our side hope. Hope for a loss of DIOK because they were beatable yesterday and hope that we start the next match as strong as we finished this one. 
The 2XV traveled to the Bassets to show the neighborhood farmers what being a student is all about. In the 1st half our fast runners in the backs and strong scrum meant a convincing 12 to 20 score line. If anything it looked like the Bassets were about to give up. However, they subbed some of their weaker players, turned on their fighting spirit and a new team arose. As has been the case more often this season the 2XV was already feeling to confident in their win. Thus suddenly after 15 minutes they were 9 points behind. However, lead by a few crucial members on the pitch this was when a turn around was forced. Within the next 10 minutes the match could have fallen to either side. But it was the quickness of the students that meant they got the best of it. With only 5 minutes to go the score was 34-29 in favor of the Bassets though. But with unrelenting favor the skyblue and maroon attacked. Resulting in a last second try, a win and a very geil gevoeltje!
With 15 ladies from whom many inexperienced, the LSRG-DIOK rookie team left for a game against Obelix in Nijmegen. The opposition was strong and since the Leidse ladies had no subs, the players had to be rather flexible. The Obelix ladies dominated the game but after some injuries on the side of Leiden they proposed to help us out by granting us some of their subs. In the last minutes of the game prop Ashley managed to make a break but got tackled inches away from the try line. 
However, since this was a high tackle it became a penalty try and the LSRG-DIOK rookies went home with a 44-7 loss. Woman of the match was Myrthe who made up a great duo with Miriam on the center positions and managed to make some great breaks. But everybody did their utmost and improved a lot during the game! Hopefully they can use this experience in the next Rookiegame on the 12th of february against VSRC.



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Match Reports Sunday 14-1-2018

It was a crisp Sunday morning. The sun was out but still one could see the cold dew hanging over the field. On this first game day of the year LSRG was expecting three tough games. The ladies would travel to Castricumse Rugby Club, the 2XV was defending the home front against SRC Thor and the 1XV traveled all the way to Uden to give RC Octopus Uden hell. 
Firstly the ladies might have faced the toughest opposition of the day. Especially as they were themselves weakened by disease and the holidays. No matter the were ready to fight for every inch. And they had to, the dominance of this Ereklasse team was clear from the start. Unfortunately their dominance was expressed in the score as well. Ending just below the three digits at 98 to 5 it was a bit of a slaughter. However, the LSRG ladies managed to keep their honor with a solid try and great fighting spirit. 
The 2XV were facing Thor which was coming in strong with their latest match being a win. Not only this but at the game in Delft LSRG had lost with just one try difference. This meant that the boys were out for blood and they showed so by getting 2 tries in the first 10 minutes of the game. However, by fumbling their own balls and not being quite determined enough at times the game was not decided within the first 20 minutes. In the following 60 minutes a great duel followed. Although LSRG were dominant in possession Thor was not budging in their own 22 and they were always on the lookout for an opportunity. With a try in the last 6 minutes of the game for a minute it seemed like the game might turn towards Thor, as they had now approached LSRG by only 3 points. But it did not 't gevoeltje roared and a crushing break by the centers meant that LSRG was going home with all the marbles. 27-17 and a great session in the Duke of Oz followed this even geiler game. 
Which was also partly so geil because of the news the 1XV brought back from Uden. Octopus away is always among the top three hardest games of the season. On that field which throughout the week is used for farming, I am sure, there is no room for agile students. Instead the game becomes about tackling, scruming, rucking and mauling. Not that this is not very horny but it is quite an amazing feed to do better in this then the great farm boys from Brabant. As you might have guessed by now, the 1XV was up for it though. Whomever can tell me the last time we won there without getting a single try against gets a pint. Although LSRG did not manage to score many tries themselves Octopus got none. At 12-0 a statement was uttered to DIOK. You better be ready coming Sunday because mercy at the grounds of the Palenpadje will not be found. Hopefully many of you can attend the derby of Leiden coming Sunday kicking off at 14:00. ????

LSRG-HRC samen voor Stichting Vlinderkind

Op zaterdag 11 november scheen de zon fel en zorgde haar stralen voor een relatief warme herfstdag. De Haagsche Rugby Club kon bijna geen mooiere dag wensen voor haar 17e Lustrum. Al 85 jaar schitteren de gele en blauwe kleuren op het Theo Mann Bouwmeesterlaan en op deze dag stond niet alleen rugby, maar ook het goede doel van Stichting Vlinderkind op de planning.

Op de dag van het Lustrum werden meerdere rugbywedstrijden gespeeld. De Colts en Junioren lieten zien waarom zij de toekomst van Rugby Nederland zijn en de oude Meesters van HRC en LSRG toonde het publiek dat zij de giganten zijn op wiens schouders de Nederlandse Rugby is gebouwd. Ook de landelijke tweede klasse bleef niet rustig tijdens het Lustrum. HRC 3 ontving LSRG 1 op het hoofdveld. Deze hevig strijd was tot op het laatste moment spannend en resulteerde in een eindstand van 19-38. Het lustrum werd afgesloten met de onthulling van het HRC Lustrumboek en een prachtige Tombola (loterij) van LSRG. Met behulp van HRC zijn er meer dan 15 prijzen weg gegeven tijdens de Tombola. Van een HRC Lustrum trui tot LSRG Manchetknopen, van een Likeur 43 pakket tot De Worst van Van der Zon. Een groot deel van de opbrengst werd geschonken aan de Stichting Vlinderkind, die zich inzet voor mensen met Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Tijdens het Lustrum werd er verteld over een belangrijk succesverhaal in het onderzoek naar deze vooralsnog ongeneselijke huidaandoening. Alle aanwezigen hebben massaal loten gekocht om het goede doel te steunen. Aan het einde van de dag is er €810 opgehaald voor Stichting Vlinderkind. Namens heel LSRG blijven wij Vlinderkind steunen in haar onderzoek naar deze vreselijke huidaandoening. 

Match Report LSRG 1- RSRC 1



This was a real one. A make-or- break-match. ‘Die ekte ekte’. A top-flight clash. An A-game. A ten-pointer. Call it what you want. And my, did you pull through. As a brilliant but anonymous spectator (will we ever know his true identity?) pointed out, it looked like you all snorted a line of tiger balm right before KO. Egad, you were flying from the very first whistle. Before RSRC knew what hit them, you were three tries up already.

After they had regrouped, an interesting showdown unfolded right in front of our very eyes. Having recovered from your opening blitzkrieg, they showed why they’re contesting in the top of the league with us. Not to say you toddled off, but gradually, nearing the end of the first half, they began to take more and more advantage of some of our slip-ups. This resulted in a complete shift of momentum after half time. For tactical and competitive reasons I won’t go into detail, but they figured out a fatal flaw in your attacking play (which I know some of you noticed as well) and developed a very effective counter-measure against it, consisting of, amongst other things, drifting a flanker in their backline. 

That tactic itself has a grand weakness however, and all the credit goes to you for dragging it to the surface when your pounding started to take its toll on them. Tired and battered was no way for them to keep it up, and once again you won it in the last quarter because of superior fitness. Excellent work especially by our own flankers and centres, for being all kinds of in-the-face nuisances, though all of you, including the much-needed fresh legged subs, fully grasped the necessity of it. You were better this game, but I feel it was this exact thing that made the win happen.

One thing that was a definite improvement over the game against HRC was the thankfully drastically reduced amount of penalties you gave away. I don’t want to imagine how this match would have gone if you would have conceded the same number of penalties as in The Hague, and I hope the results are all the motivation you need to keep your discipline. It just makes playing your game so much easier. I know it’s not necessarily something you do on purpose, but it’s very much an addressable flaw, so after a while that excuse goes out of the window.

This match was an example of how to do it. Just to be a dick, here’s some petty criticism as well. For the love of everything you hold dear about this game: In attack. Stay! DEEP! Timing is absolutely everything, but it goes both ways. We want you to shout out if you want to receive a pass, but if you’re in open attack, it’s no use screaming for the ball if you’re already on the same line. You want to be dashing on to the ball, instead of catching the ball behind you, rearranging yourself, stopping your momentum and forcing you to speed up all over again. That usually results in you instantly getting knocked to the ground, when at the very least you’re the one who has to dish out the initial hit. Do try to keep this in mind, it will only add to the devastating running potential we have, and may well aid us tremendously in the future.

Standout mentions:
-MotM Mika, le French Magician. 100% on the kicks, devastating counter-runs and just plain brutal in defence. There’s a tendency for us all to start considering your usual level to be ‘normal’ given the run you’re having, but it really isn’t. It’s nothing short of spectacular, anyone who claims otherwise is just spoiled by you. 

-Jonkers. Slap me thrice and hand me to me mother, you’re the pinnacle of why mentality always beats out on pure strength. Bravery to spare too, sometimes just simply blasting off after a scrum or a ruck yourself and gaining ground every time. One point of improvement: be more vocal, call the shots if you need to. You’ve got the qualities, now assume the command.

-Front V. Yes. As a whole. Fucking bunch of jackals you were. Don’t know how many Rotterdammers you collectively knocked out, I stopped counting at four. Barging runs, thunderous hits, rips and steals galore, always a solid platform from which to launch and a scrum that would erect a shoelace (if you know what I mean). Cries of remembrance from the days of Alcatraz, I cannot give you a bigger compliment.

As if your own excellent performance wasn’t reason enough for a good mood, the celebrations could really begin once the news broke that our esteemed neighbours from The Hague pulled a rabbit out of their hat and beat Tilburg 20-10, leaving us in second place for the moment. I ended the last match report with the notion that this Sunday would determine which of the student clubs would hang on in a potential title race. As of right now, it’s very much on for us. For more details on how ‘on’ it actually is, I happily refer you to the already legendary post-match pieces of journalism, shot in the Duke in between the much deserved 
victory drinks.


©Le French Magician

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