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LSRG Nieuws

Ladies XV vs. Domcity Mokum

Leiden, 12-01-2020

Last Sunday our ladies played a match against Domcity Mokum, the number two in the promotion league. In the pre-match pep talk, our captain Arie told us that there were three uncertainties for this game: the weather, our new line-up and our opponent. The weather: it was cold, rainy and quite windy. The line-up: we had new players on the pitch (shout out to Federica who made her amazing debut on the second row) and players on new positions. And lastly, our opponent: we had never played against Domcity Mokum before and had no idea what to expect. The only thing we had control over was ourselves, our teamwork and our motivation to win this match and remain number one in the promotion league. This realisation calmed our nerves against our unknown opponent somewhat and after the first try made by Zoë, we were on a roll. We were able to find the gaps in their defence line easily due to Domcity Mokum's buffalo-like tendencies of migrating en masse to one side of the pitch only to have us throw the ball to the other side. Our attack and defence systems were strong which resulted in us mostly playing on their half of the pitch. The Domcity Mokum ladies soon became tired, they suffered several injuries and wanted to play a shorter second half, as they were no match against our fast and fit LSRG ladies. We could have been faster in the counter ruck, but our tackles were low and coordinated, we countered their attacking pods well, and we worked together as a team. Each try was truly a team effort and with an end score of 77-0, we remain number one in the promotion league with still nil try's against. 

Woman of the Match: Marie

Vajayjay of the day: Marthe 

2XV vs. Delft Combinatie


What a win! No intro necessary. This game was great.

Before Sunday things were still looking a little bit bleek though. We were missing a couple of players in key positions. In the Centers we had to innovate and experiment. And at Scrum Half we had a man playing only his second game. Fortunately there were also some positives. We had a strong pack with lots of second rowers and flankers. For us these guys are starting to be the backbone of our squad. And to think we were not even at full strength is a good sign for the future of the team.

Out of Bicycle Repair Land some alarming messages came on Sunday morning. They would not have a full team to play against us. This resulted in only 11 players showing up at ‘t Palenpadje. Credit to them for not opting the easy way out but coming to Leiden anyways! Props to you, Delft!

Although strictly speaking the win was already in the pocket, everyone was in for a nice 80 minutes of smashing Duften. Furthermore we couldn’t let our Man of the Hour, the Belgian Referee and interior cellar designer, Laurent a.k.a. Chouffe, down since he came driving all the way to Leiden just to help us out while we were in a pinch. He was a bit late, but many thanks for showing what ‘t Gevoeltje means!

30 minutes later than planned we finally kicked off. And immediately we turned on the screws. Tries were flying in left and right in the first half. The effort was spread between the forwards and the backs and under the command of Wockers people were performing quite well. It has to be said that most of our plays came from strong individual runs. Personally I’m very happen to see this. Guys like Tim, Harry and Bart are great ball carriers who always run with the intention of going over the gainline and not going down by the first tackler.

Also the support play was decent enough for this game, but we need to step it up for the next few games if want to keep winning. And this has everything to do with the structure of the team. It is easy to understand why the structure was lacking this game: Lot’s of players on new positions. And the first game after a break of almost a month. But still committing enough but not too many players to a ruck for instance is one thing we can focus on. This and more we will work on for the next couple of months.

And now some highlights of the match: Taxi Chris set a record for most Tries in a Game with 4! Andrelon will run his Zumba for Leiden and for Delft after just one game. Bart went down right before the tryline after getting patted on the back. Huntelaar and Yulian played their first match! Costa tackled Tim while he was going into Worp speed, hurt his head, went back in and finished the half playing for Delft!

Last thing I want to mention is great rugby spirit you guys showed on Sunday. When Delft arrived with just 11, some of you showed great heart and played a half for Delft. So Costa, Huntelaar, Yulian, Koen, Andrelon and Hidde, thanks for that! It is very much appreciated.

Man of the Match: Wouter. A great revelation in our time of need. Did everything you want from Scrummie: Communicate, solid pass, make tackles, be annoying. And all in his second ever game. Good job!

Dick of the Day: Your Coach. He was late for the Ladies game, missed their first try and let his players play for Delft. What a disgrace of a coach. Smh.


Big Steven

'Vriend van het L.S.R.G.' worden

Vrienden van het L.S.R.G. per 2019/2020:

  • Désirée van Teijlingen

‘De Vrienden van het L.S.R.G.’ is een mogelijkheid voor ouders, grootouders, ooms, tantes,

goede buren, verre vrienden en dergelijken om het Leidsch Studenten Rugby Gezelschap
financieel een handje te helpen. Waar de Stichting beheer Leidsch Studenten Rugby
Gezelschap 1960 fungeert als een reünistenfonds, kunnen ‘de Vrienden van het L.S.R.G.’
gezien worden als directe inkomstenbron voor het Gezelschap zelf. Een ‘Vriend van het
L.S.R.G.’ is een privépersoon die waardeert waar wij voor staan en dat wil ondersteunen met
een (jaarlijkse) kleine bijdrage. Ouders die waarderen dat wij hun studerende kinderen
voorzien van regelmatige beweging, kameraadschap en karakter komen daarom specifiek in

Vanaf 50 euro per jaar kan iemand zich rekenen als ‘Vriend van het L.S.R.G.’. Het staat
eenieder natuurlijk vrij om over dat bedrag heen te gaan. Een ‘Vriend van het L.S.R.G.’ krijgt
uitnodigingen voor belangrijke wedstrijden en evenementen zoals 'Super Sundays', krijgt minimaal tweemaal per
jaar een nieuwsbrief omtrent het Gezelschap en wordt, met toestemming van de specifieke
Vriend, vermeldt op de website als ‘Vriend van het L.S.R.G.’.

Potentiële Vrienden kunnen contact met ons opnemen door te mailen naar

2XV vs. Rotterdam Student RC

The end of the first half of the season was upon us. One final game before the winter break to set a result and to make sure we end up higher in the standings than last place. Of the past 7 games we won only one, but a couple of games were very close. The consensus is that we could have won more and we were ready to show that we could beat our last opponent: the Rotterdam Students. 

These guys are a team that resembles us a lot. It's a team with lots of new and some more experienced players. Unlike us they won two matches before the game started and they were 5 points above us in the standings. We knew that if won with a bonus point and we could deny them a single point, we would end up with an equal amount of points. And since our point balance was much better, there was the potential to end up in 7th place! 

With this knowledge in the back of our heads, we were as sharp a knife from the start of the game. The defense was really tight. When Rotterdam was in possession of the ball, a lot of pressure was applied. Not just the ball carrier was pressured but the whole defensive line went up in one line. This gave them a lot of problems. One, they hardly made any metres when carrying the ball. Second, they made quite a lot of handling errors. This resulted in territory gained by us with them still holding the ball. Or it was our ball to put in the scrum. 

The scrum this Sunday worked really well. Even though we had a new second rower and a winger on 8, we managed to keep all of our own ball and even disrupt their scrum as well. The strong scrum, the pressure in defense and the good kicking by Jillis, made sure that in the first half we had nothing to fear of Rotterdam. And when we shifted to offense, the job was done even better than in the defense. Jord had great control of the game and he was able to put his centers in good positions. Jillis was the first to profit from this and scored the first of his two tries. And the floodgates opened after his try. Three more tries were scored, which should have been four, were it not for Andrelon nominating himself for Dick of the Day by dropping the ball in the try area. Better luck next time, buddy. 

The start of the second half began where we left off. We quickly scored two more tries, giving us a 6 to 0 tries lead. Mission accomplished, you would say. But the red and green piggies didn't agree. While we let our guard down, they became more aggressive. The defense slacked a bit and in 10 minutes we assembled three times underneath the posts. Luckily for us, Mikey and Hidde fired us up. The whole team found the fifth gear again and although it being a really exciting game till they end, zero tries were given to Rotterdam and we snuck in one more. 

Some memorable moments were Matthijs Russ scoring his first try and it being disallowed. Our first row scoring five times! Costa filling the second row spot and doing excellent. And a special mention to the smallest guys on the field, Hein and Wockers, both making some heroic tackles. Great to see and it promises a lot for the upcoming months!

Man of the Match: Eduardo. A winger playing 8, first row and scoring twice! Amazing performance and great attitude towards the team.

Dick of the Day: Andrelon. The run that got him there was epic. His blazing speed left everyone breathless, including himself. Just don't ever drop the ball again. 

Your Coach

1XV vs. Bekaro

Sunday 8 December, Roosendaal

Last Sunday the 1XV played their last game of 2019. The choice was made to rest some player with minor injuries. The withdrawal of two players, who tried everything to be fit on time, due to illness shook up the line-up even more.  Nevertheless, the line-up was great and showed a lot of promising players making their debut for the first team.

Our arrival did me think of the game against Tilburg three years ago when Iain wasn't able to find the club and we needed to free wheel the line-up, warm-up and coaching. The normal road to the club was blocked and we weren't noticed. Therefore, the kit was in 50 minutes before kick-off. Also, our young centre Pi-Air had at least three car accidents and one road-block on his way to Bekaro and therefore couldn't start the game. These minor things normally have their effect on the mind and so it did. We started the game of slow but Bekaro also did. The wind was blowing like a foreigner for the first time in Amsterdam which had a big influence on the kicks and lineouts. We used this to our advantage and pinned them into their corner. The first 5 to 10 minutes were played in their half. We were knockin' on the trylines door but unfortunately weren't able to score. As the wind had his influence on the game, we couldn't win our lineout. This led to a few scrappy plays in which we are known to not be at our best. They scored in the corner, but we knew that we could take them. We regrouped and started playing our system. Within a few minutes Sebash and Dan made two consecutive breaks getting us 5 meters to the tryline with a penalty advantage. After this resulted in slow ball our scrumhalf took his chances and placed a small chip kick over the defensive line and collected it himself to score, 5-7. After this Bekaro got some reinforcements in, in Wilnus's words: ereklasse rejects. This had its effect in the amount of illegal and legal charges in the game. A tug of war began between us and Bekaro and the ref was not liking it at all. At least half of the game was scrum time and kicks from one side to another. Just before halftime Bekaro took the led after we lost our lineout and one of their ereklasse rejects steps through a few tackles to score. We knew that we could take these guys and tried to redeem our self in the second half.

The second half doesn't need as large of a report as the second half. This half was dominated by scrums, missed offences and parts of brilliant play by the LSRG. Where the ref in the beginning of the game was kindly penalising them for the large amount of offences, he forgot to do so in the second half. Bekaro saw this opportunity and started to bully us with late hits, eye gouging and other nasty stuff. This got into our heads and this is how we got the tries against us. Rugby also has a big mental aspect to it and when this starts to break than the dykes are broken. Again, this was a really familiar moment as we at least had had this every year against teams like HRC, Te Werve, Octopus 2015(#neverforget #Joeri&Marco) and the Bassets. The great thing that I did see today and already for more games this season is that we got back into it. Even though we let our heads hang at some moment we got back into it and had some great moments throughout this half. This resulted in another two tries for us in the last 10 minutes of the game.

There are a few things to learn from a game like this. When the game gets scrappy and you see that people are having a tough game, get your mate out of the dirt and start fighting for the sake of the game. The best thing you could do it to lead by example: give your teammate a knife underneath the belt and work your ass of to kill some fat farmers. Your killer tackle could be the catalyst for Guus's anger that turns him into the incredible hulk after all the radiation he already received during his medicine study. The next thing is to stop feeling terrible when mistakes happen and just get into easy system play. Hit it up a few times, keep the ball in your possession and lose the anxiety. There are only two teams in the world that would like to defend for 80 minutes and that are the all blacks and the springboks.

I am very proud of everybody this game. Although we lost spirit sometimes I the game we can only learn from this and again we regrouped mid-game and started playing again. This is not something many teams can do so we could be very proud on this! Shout out goes to all the new players in the squad. Koen, Vincent, Taxi and Aidan played without fear and this is what everyone should do.

Always drifting and probably trying to chip kick during the next few games,

Maurits aka Aziz the Great

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