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LSRG Nieuws

Match Report LSRG 1- RSRC 1



This was a real one. A make-or- break-match. ‘Die ekte ekte’. A top-flight clash. An A-game. A ten-pointer. Call it what you want. And my, did you pull through. As a brilliant but anonymous spectator (will we ever know his true identity?) pointed out, it looked like you all snorted a line of tiger balm right before KO. Egad, you were flying from the very first whistle. Before RSRC knew what hit them, you were three tries up already.

After they had regrouped, an interesting showdown unfolded right in front of our very eyes. Having recovered from your opening blitzkrieg, they showed why they’re contesting in the top of the league with us. Not to say you toddled off, but gradually, nearing the end of the first half, they began to take more and more advantage of some of our slip-ups. This resulted in a complete shift of momentum after half time. For tactical and competitive reasons I won’t go into detail, but they figured out a fatal flaw in your attacking play (which I know some of you noticed as well) and developed a very effective counter-measure against it, consisting of, amongst other things, drifting a flanker in their backline. 

That tactic itself has a grand weakness however, and all the credit goes to you for dragging it to the surface when your pounding started to take its toll on them. Tired and battered was no way for them to keep it up, and once again you won it in the last quarter because of superior fitness. Excellent work especially by our own flankers and centres, for being all kinds of in-the-face nuisances, though all of you, including the much-needed fresh legged subs, fully grasped the necessity of it. You were better this game, but I feel it was this exact thing that made the win happen.

One thing that was a definite improvement over the game against HRC was the thankfully drastically reduced amount of penalties you gave away. I don’t want to imagine how this match would have gone if you would have conceded the same number of penalties as in The Hague, and I hope the results are all the motivation you need to keep your discipline. It just makes playing your game so much easier. I know it’s not necessarily something you do on purpose, but it’s very much an addressable flaw, so after a while that excuse goes out of the window.

This match was an example of how to do it. Just to be a dick, here’s some petty criticism as well. For the love of everything you hold dear about this game: In attack. Stay! DEEP! Timing is absolutely everything, but it goes both ways. We want you to shout out if you want to receive a pass, but if you’re in open attack, it’s no use screaming for the ball if you’re already on the same line. You want to be dashing on to the ball, instead of catching the ball behind you, rearranging yourself, stopping your momentum and forcing you to speed up all over again. That usually results in you instantly getting knocked to the ground, when at the very least you’re the one who has to dish out the initial hit. Do try to keep this in mind, it will only add to the devastating running potential we have, and may well aid us tremendously in the future.

Standout mentions:
-MotM Mika, le French Magician. 100% on the kicks, devastating counter-runs and just plain brutal in defence. There’s a tendency for us all to start considering your usual level to be ‘normal’ given the run you’re having, but it really isn’t. It’s nothing short of spectacular, anyone who claims otherwise is just spoiled by you. 

-Jonkers. Slap me thrice and hand me to me mother, you’re the pinnacle of why mentality always beats out on pure strength. Bravery to spare too, sometimes just simply blasting off after a scrum or a ruck yourself and gaining ground every time. One point of improvement: be more vocal, call the shots if you need to. You’ve got the qualities, now assume the command.

-Front V. Yes. As a whole. Fucking bunch of jackals you were. Don’t know how many Rotterdammers you collectively knocked out, I stopped counting at four. Barging runs, thunderous hits, rips and steals galore, always a solid platform from which to launch and a scrum that would erect a shoelace (if you know what I mean). Cries of remembrance from the days of Alcatraz, I cannot give you a bigger compliment.

As if your own excellent performance wasn’t reason enough for a good mood, the celebrations could really begin once the news broke that our esteemed neighbours from The Hague pulled a rabbit out of their hat and beat Tilburg 20-10, leaving us in second place for the moment. I ended the last match report with the notion that this Sunday would determine which of the student clubs would hang on in a potential title race. As of right now, it’s very much on for us. For more details on how ‘on’ it actually is, I happily refer you to the already legendary post-match pieces of journalism, shot in the Duke in between the much deserved 
victory drinks.


©Le French Magician

Match Report by the Man of Letters


It has been asked of me to come through for the LSRG once again, and per usual I am happy
to oblige. Having an away game in my current city of residence helps, but as many of you
know I try to stay as connected as I can, because this club and everyone who is a part of it is
still important to me. The committee has graciously postulated that it is enough for me to
write this week’s match report.
Facing HRC is always a big challenge. You heard King Kong say it after the game: we
haven’t had a win on their grounds in ages. This time had us taking on some familiar faces,
with the grins of Prins, Big Pete and Moose greeting us from the other side (still wearing the
right socks though).
The first half was a fine display of letting the opponent blow off some steam, before being
absolutely ruthless in counterattack. The big boys from HRC were determined to make it a
physical fight, which is where teams like them usually get their advantage over students.
However, our pack held them at bay and each time we reclaimed possession and could
unleash our fine hands and impressive footwork, it caused severe problems for them, though
not merely as much damage as I would have liked to see, despite our early try which set us up
for the remainder of the match. If you can easily spot where your advantage lies, why not
utilize that more often? For the majority of the first half, it was no real cause for concern, but
as half time came closer, I felt more and more uneasy about it.
Being the ridiculously important man that I am, I climbed the “press” stands during the
halfway break, to have an elevated look at what exactly was happening, and what I saw
immediately after half time was not especially pleasing.
In the first half of the second half, there was a period when the dreaded ‘LSRG nap’ made its
annoying appearance. Of course it also had to do with HRC fielding some players who have,
shall we say, considerable experience with a higher level of rugby, but at the very least an
equal blame is to be put on us. I’m not saying you guys fucked up or anything, but you
allowed HRC to dream of a result when that should (and could) have been out of the question
already. Kill a match as soon as you can, or it will cause you problems, some perhaps in the
very near future. The fact that you snapped out of it in the last twenty minutes, helped by
superior fitness, is a good sign, but if it can be avoided altogether, it will make playing (and
watching) the match that much easier.
After the match, Iain highlighted some personal performances, but most of all praised the
team performance, which I am more than content to agree with. Nonetheless, a couple of you
stood out for me. First up is Connor, who I thought was the embodiment of realising what was
necessary to pull this over the line, a defining characteristic for a captain. Ripping balls,
leading plays and just being a general nuisance to anyone not in the sky-blue/maroon, I
thought you were outstanding. Also worth mentioning: the link-up plays by King Kong,
Jonkers and Maupie. The 8-9- 10 chain is not called the hinge of a team for nothing, especially
coming out of scrums, and you called (and executed) the shots like troopers. Final shout-out
goes to Goldilocks on fullback. You were immense, man! I counted at least three try-saving
tackles. That alone would have been enough for a solid game, but you managed to step it up
in attack as well.

But like I said, it was the team performance above all that was cracking (that’s a good thing, if
your English is lacking in that department). Everybody was turned on and when you
threatened to let it slip, you pulled yourselves back from that, which shows a tremendous
mental strength. The pack was hard as nails against a heaver opponent, and the backs showed
how nimble and deadly they can be. Now go do it more often, is all I can mewl about that.
I am especially impressed with your ability to remain active and not wait out situations that
could benefit you. This is most notably seen during tackles. On numerous occasions, I was
already halfway expressing my agony of you guys tackling too high, only to be silenced by a
support runner ripping the ball. I’m not always sure it’s fully your intention, but it’s effective
as hell!
Final score according to the ref was 14-38, which I can’t help but feel is robbing HRC of a
try, but I have it on good authority they have their best man working on it. Still, a solid win
against an experience bunch of bastards, you can be proud. Next week will be tougher in
terms of open play, against our student counterparts from Rotterdam. They’re in a similar
position and of similar ability, so this Sunday will determine which of the student clubs will
hang on in a potential title race. Exciting stuff!
Once again, the LSRG proved to be unbeatable during the third half, despite it being HRC’s
lustrum. If the current LSRG made us all proud with their performance on the pitch, the old
geezers (and I say that with respect) did so with their singing and boasting. The mingling of
young and old, The Hague and Leiden, student and civilian, was a fine example of ‘het
gevoeltje’ that we spread everywhere we go. Our recently fallen comrade Koelie would have
been proud.
As a native ‘Hagenaar’ myself, I can’t deny having a cringe when you offered, though
adequately coloured, a heron (reiger) to HRC, when the symbol of The Hague is a stork
(ooievaar). Then I remembered Mika and I once presented Njord with a goose instead of a
swan, so I got over it quickly. It’s the thought that counts anyway. The commitment both on
and off the field is what makes us great, and it’s wonderful to see everyone getting that and
acting accordingly.




Wedstrijdverslag LSRG/DIOK dames 22-10-17

In de eerste minuten van de wedstrijd was er gelijk een mooie kans voor LSRG/DIOK. Na een kick van The Dukes/Octo/Wally en een rake kopbal van Iris hadden beide partijen moeite met het vangen van de bal. Gelukkig was Leiden sterker in de scrums waardoor de bal vaak teruggewonnen werd. Ashley schiet door een gat, passeert menig tegenstander en vervolgt haar pas richting de zijlijn. In de 16e minuut lukt het Lisa (Boot) de eerste try te maken en na een rake conversie door Fran kan het geluk niet op bij onze dames.

Ook na de eerste try domineert Leiden het veld. De lijntjes gingen beter en dankzij goed samenspel in de backline werd er voornamelijk gespeeld op de helft van de tegenpartij. Leiden staat sterk in de rucks en na een succesvolle tap&go penalty weet Montse de bal in de hoek te drukken. 12-0.

In de 33ste minuut verliest Leiden de focus en drukte een dame uit het Zuiden na een mooie drift helaas de 12-5. De conversie mist.

LSRG-DIOK profiteert daarna van geklungel in de defence van Den Bosch en in de 39ste minuut wordt een try door Astrid gedrukt. Fran schiet de conversie wederom lijnrecht tussen de palen. 19-5, de Leidsche dames genieten.

Het is rust. Captain Liza weet niet zo goed wat ze moet zeggen. Het gaat goed en ook in de tweede helft moeten we dus gewoon doorpakken.

In de 6e minuut klinkt er een akelige kreet over het veld. Het is menens en een speelster van D/O/W verlaat onder applaus het strijdtoneel.

Voor Leiden komen steeds meer kansen. In de 16e minuut is het weer bijna raak maar wordt er slordig omgegaan met het balbezit. Scrum op de 5 meter lijn. De bal wordt doodgedrukt door de tegenstander en er wordt wederom gescrumd. Lotte stopt een doorbraak en Iris scoort een try in de hoek als gevolg van mooi samenspel. De conversie mist, maar Leiden staat stabiel met 24-5 in de 22ste minuut.

De tegenpartij heeft opnieuw een blessure maar zit door haar wissels heen. Een overlap voor Leiden dus! In de 30ste minuut wordt wederom een try gescoord, nu door Monique, gevolgd door een succesvolle conversie van Fran. 31-5.

Leiden blijft het spel domineren en dan gaat het hard. Maaike maakt het in de 35ste minuut 36-5 en in de 38ste minuut laat Nicolette ook nog merken dat ze erbij is. Een mooie try na een pick and go in het hoekje van het veld. 41-5.

Leiden is euforisch. En ook wel een beetje onoplettend. Den Bosch drukt in haar laatste adem nog even de 41-10. De conversie mist en na een knock on is het spel voorbij.

Tijd voor soep, tortilla’s en kaas, want strijd maakt hongerig.

57th Dies.

Starting with many a cheeky pint at Minerva the 57th Dies was kicked off in a manner suiting our horny Gezelschap. On Friday know that many a rugby song was sung, the Ballboy and his Young Dogs ran around Minerva looking for the Oeroe and many a member had to down their drink when called on their hand usage. 

This was continued on Saturday where after the traditional cake and coffee accompanied by the horniest song known to man, 't Palenpad. Old LSRG took on the 2XV in which turned out to be a very horny match. Old LSRG knew how to use their experience well and put a few try's on the relatively inexperienced 2XV. However, by the end of the first half, some openings were found in their line as well and the seconds got their first try's as well. The second half was once more strongly opened by the old pricks however as finally, they started losing their breath the second team really shaped up and showed what the newest generation can do. Ultimately ending in a score of 36:51 in favor of Old LSRG. Photos can be found here After this many stories about the old times were shared whilst enjoying a beer or two under the late autumn sun. And after those first two beers many more followed even when that sun had disappeared behind the posts of Palenpad 3.0. To summarize: Geil!

IMG_9501.jpg wordt weergegeven



Constitutie 2017/2018

Het is mij een eer en genoegen U mede te delen dat het bestuur van het Leidsch Studenten Rugby Gezelschap zich voor de jaargang 2017/2018 als volgt heeft geconstitueerd:


Dhr W.J.J.O. Bogaers

Breestraat 1a

  2311 CG Leiden


Dhr J.E. Nugteren

Langebrug 96

2311 TM Leiden


Dhr W.A. Verhoeven

Floresstraat 4

2315 HR Leiden

Game Secretary

Dhr G.A.H. Tendijck

Vrijheidslaan 280-3

2321 DR Leiden

Social Secretary

Dhr Dhr M.A.M.C. Francot

Haarlemmerstraat 243

2312 DR Leiden

Ball Boy

Dhr S.F. Turenhout

Oude Vest 63

2312 XS Leiden

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