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L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. RRC D1

The last half of the last half of the season has come. Only three games remain for our ladies, and - as the superfans that you are - you probably already know that we are still undefeated in this second half. As the proud team occupying the nr. 1 spot in our ‘degradation poule’, we were ready to face Rotterdam on this mini-Super-Sunday. A formidable and sometimes feared opponent. The weather was great, and the cherry trees were in full blossom, which created a romantic, almost wedding-like feeling. However, we didn’t come to marry this Sunday; we came to smash the opponent. By trusting and focusing on our fast game and quick hands in the line, we hoped to deceive the big and strong RRC ladies. In addition, we played ‘line-up in the mix’: Myrthe on scrum-half, combining and working together with Helena on fly-half, giving space for the iconic duo Yv and Zoë on the centers. We had Fred as ‘main jumper’ for the line-outs in the forwards' line-up. Fifteen ladies on both sides, the return of the LAPTOPTAS, and our first female ref (!), we could not have asked for a better way to start the match.

Kick-off. Only a few minutes into the game, it was (classic) Zoë who made the first try and followed this by kicking her own conversion. Following the excellent example of Zoë, Helena made the second try, with the encouragement from her entourage at the sideline. Unfortunately, we lost Femke when someone fell on her foot. Although she apparently brought her own physio to the game, he could not ‘fix’ it, and we had to mix and match things up again in the forwards. Of course, as flexible as we have become in our play, we could make this happen. In the meantime, while the rest of the pitch was taking care of Femke, one RRC girl sprinted to the sidelines. The observant viewer would now ask if there was a ball in sight, but this was not the case. The girl made a small ‘barfie’ over the fence and explained she ate a banana just before the game.

Our main goal was not to forget our other tactics within the game, and I think we managed to do that. Our play consisted of a nice combination of pick-and-goes and fast passes via our attacking line (RCC recognized that “they are just playing ‘kiwi-touch, but with tackling”). While passing in the line, it was Sanne who went in at the right speed, found a gap, and was able to score a try. Next, (Classic) Ashley showed how to be a real prop and just kept walking while the opponent held on to her legs. After a beautiful pop to Yv, she scored the Try. Following a scrum, Myrthe was able to gain some ground, which turned out well when we received a penalty close to the try line. Yv took one of her speedy penalties and literally flew the last few meters to that try line. And, although it may sound like easy tries reading about them like this, they were really the result of a team effort against the opponent and the hot weather. Another transit/attack combo kept the attacking line at full speed. Zoë was the one who finally scored the try. A few minutes before half-time, a long series of attacks of RRC to our defense line resulted in a try against; HT: 36-07

The temperatures were rising, and so was the tension in the game. The second half had only just started, and it was RRC making their second try. Myrthe fastly countered their action with another try. And Myrthe was on a roll this second half (actually, Myrthe is always on a roll). After a series of pick-and-go, transit/attack, and an occasional “pizza-ball,” the ball reached Zig-Zag-Zoë, who passed the ball to Myrthe. She made a final jump to the try-line and made the try while being tackled. And, if this wasn’t enough, Myrthe was again the one making the try, neatly between the poles, after a speedy penalty from Iris.
When RRC kicked the ball, Lotte saw her change and threw herself on it. When the ball reached Zig-Zag-Zoë (again), she zigzagged across the pitch and placed that ball nicely between the poles, and was able to kick her sixth conversion of the match. Helena made the final try, and Yv kicked the final conversion. When both Zoë and Elfie showed that they were done with this match, the Ref ‘called it a day,’

With an end score of 69 -14 (geil), we can say that we are still the undefeated nr 1 of our ‘degradation poule’. After our veterans showed their strength again, the younger generation became more attuned to each other; newbie Lotte played her very first match, and Helena brought home the WOTM title. The story of Peter forgetting her baked goodies for the second time in a row almost made up for the fact that the LAPTOPTAS didn’t make it to Leiden. As the new Vayayjay, she was honored with not only one but two beers! Myrthe, as the WOTM chosen by our opponents, makes this magic trio complete. Heated and happy, we left for the Duke for the third half. About this, I will only say that it involved naked people, breakdancing, and a lot of beer. The rest will need its own report.


  • Zoe 3x (and six conversions)
  • Helena 2x
  • Sanne
  • Yv 2x (and one conversion)
  • Myrthe 3x

WOTM: Helena
WOTM opponent: Myrthe
Vajayjay: Peter

 - Koos en Linde

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