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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 2XV vs. RSRC 3

Last Sunday the 2XV had their second last match against the students from Rotterdamse Studenten Rugby Club (RSRC). There was quite a bit of excitement going on before the match as the rumor spread that the 2XV could become champion in this match. Theoretically speaking they could; if the 2XV would win with more than three tries to the bonus points, and if USRS 4 would lose against the Batavieren (apparently now called Batavijven) the 2XV could become champion. However, this theory was a little bit unlikely, because unfortunately USRS did not lose against the Batavieren. On the bright side, the 2XV did win with more than enough tries from RSRC to secure the bonus points needed to secure the lead on USRS. As Rik said before the match, the 2XV should not underestimate the team from RSRC, we had already won from them away in Rotterdam, but we should not think it would be a walk in the park. The first twenty minutes of the game were a bit messy, with try opportunities wasted. It was after the first twenty minutes that the 2XV managed to turn on het gevoeltje and started playing some horny student rugby. Soon 2XV was steamrolling over the RSRC team, and it was thought that their might even be a chance the 2XV might win with 69-0 from RSRC. Alas, the final score turned out to be 65-5 for LSRG. Now, the 2XV has a bit of a break ahead before the final championship match will be played against USRS on the 22 of May at the Palenpadje.

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