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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 2XV vs. CL Batavieren 2

The 2XV was up for a tough match last Sunday, now facing De Batavieren at home. It seemed that de Batavieren had brought in some reinforcements after the last match against the LSRG, this meant 2XV would not have a walkover like we had in our away game against de Batavieren. From the moment the game started 2XV was on fight mode, this quickly paid off with the opening try in the first five minutes by Youri. However, de Batavieren were quick to settle this score by scoring a counter try, making it 5 all after just twelve minutes. Diesel surprised many people by making a fine run, an eventually scoring the 2nd for 2XV, the kick-off from the de Batavieren was immediately followed by another try by Fer. Half an hour into the game de Batavieren had managed to score another try making, turning the score into 19-12. Two minutes before half-time Andrélon (Jockers) settled the first half with a 2XV lead of 26-12. In the second half of the game, the old fat burgers (and one chick, right Stijn?) were getting tired, and soon tries were scored by 2XV left, right, and centre. This could not without our very own coach, Merlijn, to be cheeky with the ref, which resulted in what we all have been waiting for the entire season: he was send of the field. Man of the Match was one our new players, Elvis, who played like a machine! Dick of the Day obviously went to Merlijn for being send of the field. The next game of 2XV will be in two weeks’ time, when the 2XV will receive the students from RSRC.

From the side line,

Team manager Hein Wille

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