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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. CL Cheetahs

Sunday, Rugbyday! November 14th, at the dawn of the day, we gathered again, for the 3rd week in a row, for another episode of LXV on tour. Heading to Haarlem for a game against the Cheetahs. We already knew it was going to be a challenging game for several reasons; 1) we had to play against the top team of our league; 2) without our lovely captain; 3) without our sideline enthusiasts (something with new corona regulations); 4) on the same weekend as the DIES.

TLDR; we lost: 64-3.

Let's start by stating that the score is not a good representation of the quality of our game. And let’s take you on the lovely journey which was that day.

After only a short 30-min drive, we arrived at Haarlem. Already impressed by their beautiful cafeteria and dressing rooms, we quickly moved to the pitch to start our warm-up. A nice pitch with very soft artificial grass, perfect rugby weather, and 22 very Geyle ladies, nothing could go wrong, we could just have a fun match. As we already knew it was going to be a challenging game, the idea was just to have fun. Make minutes, find each other on the field, becoming stronger, both individually and as a team.

Kick-off. As apparently it has become our signature move, a fast try was scored against our team, which was needed to shake everybody up, and get into game mode. And that was also the mood for the rest of the game. We needed our time to warm up, get aggressive, get into that mood. The more minutes in the game, the lower the tackles, the harder the push-troughs. Our own on-the-pitch analyst (aka our magnificent Zoë) could report back to us that only a few tackles were missed: We might not have been that eager for the ball, we were eager for those legs. However, unfortunately, our strong opponent kept scoring tries, and we should have been happy that their conversions were not as successful as their attacks. 

It became a quite thrilling match when our beloved Pep was taken down in a double tackling, leaving her literally breathless. We always have to take good care of our scarce front five, but luckily we could mingle up, and Charlotte showed again that she can also be a great 2nd rower.

A penalty kick at the posts by our blistering Zoë finally took us off those unjustified zero points.  

Although we might not win, I think we can state that we did not lose. The versatility of our team showed itself again, with different ladies playing at different positions on the pitch, switching and mingling when needed. There was a lot of positive coaching and guidance on the pitch, specifically by Iris, Ashley, and Yv. This match made us grow again as a team, better, stronger, more together, and again more eager for the win in our next game. 

Our pups also showed themselves from their best side, with a special mention for Leo, who made her first playing minutes in the league and immediately showed what she was worth by making a couple of nice tackles. 

Our lineswomen (Peetie, Elfie, and one-arm Paulie) also should receive some extra recognition points, as, without those flags, we cannot play (or know what 10m is).

And although we might not have won, I think we can state that we did win the third half. Stand-in/Forward captain Ashley showed the kids how it should be done by outdrinking them (although I think that Ashley also showed some other nice features of herself, by which they would remember her). Yv was well deserved crowned as Woman of the Match. Apparently, Hag had to wash away a lot of emotions after the game/weekend; the claimed shower time resulted in earning the vajayjay. Forwards have to shower too!


WOTM opponent: Zoë

Vajayjay: Hag

All in all, we were tired but fulfilled. The effort we showed and the game we played is promising for the upcoming two final matches in the remaining part of the first half of the competition. And if there’s one thing we learned, it is that we rightfully play in the second division and we plan to keep it that way!

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