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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. RC Delft 2

After a great Dies weekend in which the liquid gold flowed freely among our Leden, the 1XV had a match against the civilians of Delft. This was promised to be a memorable one as this was also the place for our last game Pre-COVID’s second lockdown. As we were relegated due to the Virus, we were now in the position to have zero benefits from our league status and therefore were forced to assemble at 0930 in the morning. In addition to this, the new corona outbreak in combination with the festivities caused our team to look like we were in scenes of bird box or the Happening. One after another turned in sick. Nonetheless, a great side entered the field at the back-way alley of the IKEA.  

Fun fact, did you know that Dirk works at IKEA #knowyourSoCo. 

The game started like always. We need to get a bit into the game in attack but are not giving any room away in defence. Even though we were sloppy in attack, it was clear that we were going to be able to put some points on the board. The players of the Delft civilians were falling like bushes. Our scrum and defence saw one after another step of the field. In addition to this we started to get warm and Bob started throwing arrows all over the field. Sjoerd was twice very sharp and scored twice by running in a gap from one of these passes. Everyone started to get into the game, and we scored one try after another. The heads were starting to hang of the Delft players, and this gave Mowgli twice the opportunity to hand off his way over half of the field.  We lost a bit of our composure, but we were scoring tries for fun.  At the end of the first half, Delft’s Herman van Veen look-a-like even asked us to take it easy in the scrums on them. We ended the half with a lot of points on the board and none against us.  

To be fair, Delft didn’t give up. The injuries led them to have maybe less experienced players on the field but them were trying to give it there all. Nonetheless, we got a bit of our composure back in attack in the second half. We scored some great set pieces tries and even led Lonny go untouched over the line when he was in the field for 5 minutes as a winger. Our bomb squad again gave us some new fire and in the second half we really obliterated delft in attack. Sadly, we do not often score these many points. This saw us get a bit lazy in defence. We were not ruthless for a bit and this gave delft the opportunity to score twice in the last 10 minutes. Probs for them also to keep on trying even though we were smashing them. End score 92-14.  

Another great weekend for the 1XV. We showed that we have depth in the squad and next to that finally that we can finish properly. Over the last few years, you see that our always ok performances in the 2nd and 4th division led us to not be used to score every opportunity we get. Like a Sjaars at Minerva, we are not used to getting many opportunities, so it was difficult to practice finishing properly. This year we do get these opportunities and we finally ended with a fucking cherry on the cake and not eating all the icing before its finished. SO go out to the team effort in attack, Steven who got his first game back at the 1XV looking like a tuned BMW, Kyle who led in attack and smashed his way through the defensive line, the bomb squad for again getting us back on track and MotM Sjoerd for putting as many tries on the board as girls he fixed from the LSRG-ladies XV.    

Always drifting,  


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