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L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. Oemoemenoe 2

Last Sunday, after the first real socials of the 2021-2022 season, the 1XV faced Oemoemenoe’s second team. Again, a second team of an ereklasse team. We prepared for another strong team with especially some typical Dutch Southern BMI spike among the ranks. In addition to this, we knew we were going to face on of our former 1XV player Jonkers on the field. Nonetheless, we had a strong side for the game and weren’t afraid for another endurance battle.  

As expected, Oemoemenoe packed some punch. Even a few of there backs could play in the front five. In addition to this, the ref turned out to be a familiar for us, well-known for his game control and knowledge of the rules. All signs for another great game at the Palenpadje. As expected, the game started the same as the weeks before. We start defending very well but cannot capitalize in attack. Some forward passes, knock-ons and other unfortunate things resulted in a lot of scrums. Nonetheless, we practice of the last few weeks started to throw its fruits. The kick chase and ball placement were brilliant. In addition to this, the clearing of the rucks was so good that the ball fell out of the ruck a few times. Growing pains but we adapted in game again to this. Like mentioned before, we didn’t capitalize in the first half. Rens again scored in a mysterious way using his speed and a perfectly executed bokkie let me run underneath the posts. Sadly, a combination of different factor and us not putting enough nails in the coffin of oemoemenoe led them get back in the game. With a score of 21-12 we went into half time.  

In the second half the so-called Bomb Squad came into the field with purpose. Attack their rucks, speed up the ball and look for space in behind. Although it took over 10 minutes to really show its fruits, this was the recipe to our success. The first half team pinned them down and the second half team ran straight over the Oemoemenoe defence. A perfect chase by Willem from an Ireland, a bingo from a zig zag by Sjoerd, a show and go from B.O.B., perfectly executed 10 drift from Guus to score, this half had everything.  Oemoememoe lived up to his name and really didn't have a clue what to do. End score, 59-12. 

It was again great to see the effect of training back in the game. We practised on how to speed up the ball and have trained to really obliterate a team in the last 20 minutes and this showed. Next to that we finally showed we were up for these terrible third-class games. We were not just the kind guys playing good rugby, we were also not afraid to play it a bit dirty like our opponent often do when they get the chance. Shout-out to the whole team for pulling it together in the second half and especially the bomb squad and MotM Mowgli.  

Always drifting,  


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