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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. Delftse Dames

New month, new opponent, new chances in Delft, Danton 3’s current club and Renée’s previous one. It took us a while to get there while some girls where stuck behind a fence and others failed to wake up on time. However, when we finally arrived the game focus was on and we started the warming-up with some tackles and some push ups to show off our muscles. In the meantime a big, geyl zijlijngezelschap arrived including a picnic table, some blankets and lemonade. However, the match wasn’t anything like a walk in a park. When the game started we still had to get used to a new field and a new setup. Delft was stuck on our half and it seemed like we couldn’t do anything about it. They even got the chance to make some tries and probably thought we were weak.

Plot twist: we are not. The first one to show us that we are actually quite strong was one of our more experienced puppies Helena who made our first try this game. Then Zoe, who is always counting, saw that we needed an extra try to get as much points as the opponent, so she made one as well. Just like last week I want to mention the forwards who were shining on the field like the sun did. Especially Koos and Iris were tackling and pushing in rucks at their bests all over the place. One time, Myrthe saw her opportunity to zigzag over the field and make a fantastic try. After playing so well the team needed some rest. Unfortunately Delft took advantage of that which resulted in some tries against us.

Another plot twist: suddenly in the second halve we had the wind in our sails and Fred made use of that by scoring yet another beautiful try. Zoe made sure that we had enough points to actually win with two more tries and a perfectly carried out penalty kick. Then last but certainly not least, Flo, who could only just use all of her fingers again after an injury, made our last try to ensure that Delft had no chance left of winning. Delft kept trying but never stood a real chance to win anymore.

The champions took a warm shower and in contrast to last week we now had lots of snacks from the zijlijngezelschap and in the vajayjaybag. With everyone eating like they’ve never eaten before our lovely captain crowned the woman of the match. The woman that stood out and was crowned this game was Iris! Iris was always the first one to recycle during the game and as said before was really giving her all in the tackles and rucks. In addition, while I didn’t call her out earlier when I told about someone who overslept, now I am doing it anyway, because Roos was the one who received the vajayjaybag! Stay tuned because next week we will be keeping up the winning streak.

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