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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. CL Groot Mokum

A new rugby Sunday asks for a new match report. Because of the rescheduling of the match (Leiden Students playing during Leids Ontzet? Nah.), the ladies had to wait a little longer for their next game. The rainy autumn afternoon 31st of October was chosen to be our new game day, against Groot Mokum, so here we are. It was our first away game of the season too, which was for the new ladies almost as frightening as the Halloween costumes of the night before. With all the puppies on edge to make sure everything would be present during and after the game, we left for Amsterdam. After a 35 minute drive, the nostalgic smell of grass, sweating students and alcohol (NSK) came towards us and we knew we were at the right sport fields.

We started our warming-up (or mud fest) in the company of some more rain. Finally warm (sort of, hooray for fall) and ready to win, we entered the pitch. However, apparently, we were still a bit caught by nerves or the rain which resulted in a try for the opponent in the first minute. Shaken up, we immediately started to fight back. This resulted in a very fast try from Zoë and one from Yvonne. Our defense and scrums (they were numerous) were strong, but we had a tough game to play.

In the second half some new girls entered the pitch for their first ‘official’ game and were able to gain some game experience. Sadly, we had a few moments of weakness which resulted in tries by the opponent, who played a very strong game and had some very fast women who found the gaps and scored. However, In the end, we took matter into our own hands. Myrthe found her space and made a beautiful try to finish the game with.   

A bit defeated, but mostly wet and muddy, we left the pitch, longing for a warm shower and some kind words of our captain and coach. Even though not entirely represented in the final result, we played a good game and we’re able to stop the opponents attacks several times while trying to find our own space. On one account we did win: we had far less injuries. Count your blessings, as they say!

After the long-waited shower and some warm soup in the canteen we felt like ourselves again and it was time to crown the woman of the match. It was clear that the woman of the match had to be a forward while they all played a full game and, especially the front five, showed not only stamina, but also technical skill and determination. They. Were. Amazing. The women who outshined herself as a forward was Kim, who was awarded woman of the match. The continued struggle between the vajayjaybag and Mip got another episode. She forgot to bring it, leaving us without the hard earned snacks. The resulting disappointment of the forwards earned her the Vajayjay once again. On the bright side: next time with double the snacks!

All in all, it was a rugby Sunday with ups and downs with a backdrop of typical wet rugbyweather. With our great team spirit, things will only get better!

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