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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. USRS 3

Last Sunday, the 1XV faced another student side in our competition. The USRS was the opponent this week. Funny enough this was the Old USRS team, a side with many ex-ereklasse players but all middle aged so another typical third-class opposition.  After a not so satisfying win against Haarlem 3, the first team was looking for redemption.  

The game started just like the weeks before. We needed a short moment to wake up after which we began putting USRS on their asses. Sadly, in this period the red lining of the game shone through. As we were smashing those old guys, they started to get into old habits and the ref didn’t let a moment slip to let them know. The referee looked like he was trying to perform flight of the bumblebee on his whistle. Luckily, it was mostly in our favour and we had the upper hand for the entire game. We scored fast with Henry being quick to react to the USRS leaving the blind-side open after a quick break. Next to that we scored of some great phase play, but we were a bit sloppy again and dropped a lot of balls. The line-out and the ruck were not working so we couldn’t make the most out of all our chances. Luckily, we can always rely on out defence. After a great tackle from Lonny and a scoop from Douwe to score a 50 meter try, we were already 20 point in front after 30 minutes. Sadly, we already thought that we had the game in our hands and started to let them come at us. Still they couldn’t do much with the extra few meters, but this stopped our scoring opportunities from our defensive work.  

The second half the trend of the ref and our last 10 minutes was carried on. The sad thing about all this stop start is that there is no rhythm in the game. In the first half we were at least warmed-up but in the second half this was not the case. We were playing some great phases and even scored of a perfectly executed Ninja call. Sadly, more than half of our opportunities was either negated by a not so forward pass as the ref looked more disoriented by the minute, a knock-on or another failed line-out which was not working for us this week. Again, last week’s growth shone through. We adapted in game and started to either tap or scrum every line-out no matter where on the field. This gave Matthijs the opportunity to give in his application for fly-half and prop. We scored from some great hands and a quick carry from quick taps.  

We obliterated USRS being not warmed-up, having no line-out and letting our whole front row play the entire game. We can be proud again boiis. The only work-ons after this game is to not get carried into a shitty game, adapt earlier, eating less fruits as we are losing front rowers and show no mercy against these old guys. It was a good win, but it could have been comparable to the All-Blacks – USA game if we had been on point. Nonetheless, be proud, train hard and Vo voor de leden.  

Always drifting,


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