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L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. RFC Haarlem

Another game for the 1XV. After the loss against the Hookers 1.5, the 1XV was looking for redemption against Haarlem 3. Rens, former Haarlem player, gave us some ins and outs about the team and we came well prepared to Gevaarlem.  

The game started a bit sloppy. Even though we knew that they were an ok performing side in our league, we were a bit too confident about our win chances and started on the backfoot. Some silly errors and terrible referring made this game hard to get into. Next to that, the side looked a bit stronger than from all the footage we had received in advance and they actually had some quality players among there team. A tug of war began in which both sides couldn’t make the most of their chances. This again could’ve been a result of the referee who apparently thought you get more referee credits when you use the whistle more often. Nonetheless, our defensive efforts again showed that even when we don’t get good ball, we are able to beat good sides or at least don’t concede any easy tries.  

In the second half Haarlem again showed to be a proper side as they were the first team to really adapt to out Ireland (Box kick) call. They put four players in the back field whenever they heard our call and could attack multiple times of our box kicks. This is most of the time the part where we struggle as normally just keep on executing the same strategy and have a tough time adjusting in game. This time though we adjusted to their adjustments and actually started playing more as they gifted us space by putting more players in the back field. This adjustment together with our strong defensive efforts were the final blow. The final score was 15-26.  

No team can be champions without winning ugly. There are days were just isn’t bouncing your way and the team that can then stand up are the teams that will win in the long run. We as a team showed resilience and even when nobody is really having a great day we’ve won from a pretty good side in our league. Again, we showed some growth by adapting in game and when we keep making these steps in the season, we will end up obliterating every side in the second part of the competition! Tips for to take into next game, don’t underestimate the opponent, always front up in defence even though they may not look to good, eyes up rugby and enjoy the game boiis! Shout-outs go to Try scoring machine Henry the duke of Wales Miles, our try-line defence and Leidsche Omnivore Guus after making his long-waited return on the field after injury.  

Always drifting,  

Maurits, Aziz, Mo, Mocca Prince, Thomson 

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