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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. The Hookers

Already the second super Sunday of the post covid season. This Sunday the Hookers second team was the opponent. A familiar opponent which have the name to stack the team when feeling in danger. Nevertheless, we prepared very well for the game.

The game started well. Right from the start both teams started firing away. Again the rockets plays proved to be the very effective and we got a lot of good ball. We scored twice fast by playing out or system and getting Jan-Hein and Kyle in space. Next tot that we again defended very well. Nevertheless, we didn't put the enough nails in the coffin and the hookers started to adapt to out system. We didn't score enough and looked a bit all over the place in their 22 at times, probably due to their defensive pressure. They started to attack the ruck and messed up our ball, sometimes illegal but we just didn't adapt quick enough. The ref wasn't up for this and let a lot of things go. After this the Hookers got some good ball and got their first score in after weak defence from our fullback. This gave them a good feeling after which we both scored another time before halftime. Sadly all conversions were not made and they did convert which led to a 15-14 halftime score.

The Hookers felt that we had the game in our hands and started to sub in some of their better players. The team was already stacked with substitutes from the first team but now a few started were fielded with a clear game plan. Their new scrumhalf started spreading the ball more and their larger forwards started attacking wide from the ruck sucking in as much defenders as possible and next to that created fast ball. We actually defended very well for the first 20 minutes and looked to be able to win the game if the ball just rolled our way. Sadly this was not the case. The combination of attacking with the pod wide and sometimes throwing it out the back gave them multiple opportunities with at least three man overlap onces we got tired. The flood gates eventually opened and they scored multiple times at the end. End score being 15-40.

I must say, again I'm very proud of our performance. We got them on the ropes and they needed to stack their team to win the game. Even the guys which played 80 minutes the day before, who weren't supposed to play needed to put in a big shift to give them the win. We should see this as a complement guys. They could win the game fair, this really showcases our power and this is only the beginning. In a few months, we win games against these stacked teams and get our rightful place back in the second class! We played some great system play and defended very well at times. The main work-ons for us are now how to adapt in the game, how to keep our composure when under pressure and to never let our heads hang. If the flood gates open the next time, please just be like Sebash and Kyle and start smashing people.

Always drifting,

Maurits aka muppy, mo, Aziz, the Moroccan bomb

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