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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 2XV vs. Batavieren 2

After a week off from rugby due to Leidsch Ontzet (most of us would have been too hangover to play), the 2nd XV stood once more on the home pitch, this time against the Batavieren 2. The first two matches of the 2nd XV had been a loss, so the team was determined to make this match a victory.

The more experienced veterans of the 2nd XV knew the Batavieren always like to play a bit dirty, Henry paid no regards to this, and instead set the perfect example for the other Young Dogs who also played their first match for the Sky-Blue Maroon by making the first try within the first five minutes of the match. Having tasted blood, Henry decided he wanted more and scored the second and third try as well. All three were neatly converted by Wockers, making the half-time score a decent 21-10. By then the team knew this game was ours, we simply were horny for more tries. Henry was subbed off with a bloody nose, however, this gave his teammates a chance to score more horny tries. Our very own Poelboy had the pleasure to score two tries, of which he managed to convert one, and the other converted by Jillis. Louwke (Lenny/ Lonny 2.0), who had shown flames with his tackling during the last match, now also proved his worth by scoring his very own first try for LSRG, and finally Mees also scored a neat try. Try-wise the Young Dogs certainly dominated this game, overall the match was dominated by our 2nd team. The only times when the civies of Batavieren managed to score a try was when they crashed us over, nonetheless this resulted in three tries for the Batavieren, which they did not manage to convert, resulting in a very horny final score for the 2nd XV of 45-15!

Man of the Match was obviously awarded to Henry, with a beautiful hat-trick to his name on his first match. Dick of the day went to Mathijs Russ, who firstly he had forgotten his tie, but even worse, after match started playing with weird non-oval shaped object.

It seems that the 2nd team have found their rhythm and are going onwards and upwards from here, with another week off, they will be facing the students of USRS 4 the 24th of October.   

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