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Landelijke opwarmdag Dames @Pickwick Players

After the NSK 2021 and the friendly match against DIOK it was time for the third opportunity since before the dark times, before corona, for the ladies to show the results of the effort they put into training throughout summer. Could we manage without our beloved Rells, Jan and Marie? Were we up to the challenge of encountering some skilled, dangerous and equally fired up ladies on the Opwarmdag Damesrugby on the eleventh of September?

Certainly, all of us were still rubbing the sleep out of our eyes when we gathered at Leiden Central Station in the early morning of that anticipated Saturday. When we arrived in Deventer, after a quick warm-up, we faced our first opponent: The Lady Bears. They proved to be a strong opponent by winning 10-7. But the first team for the ladies to encounter in the competition on the 26th of September had to endure the very first try of our dearly beloved secretary Sanne! If that doesn’t sound promising for the upcoming competition…

After that, both the Pickwick Players and RUS proved to be stronger too, despite our defense having improved since the NSK and the determination not to give up or hold back, which resulted in a strong try by Zoë against RUS. But despite not having won any of the matches, we gained team spirit, insights on more fitting positions for new players, skills to develop further which mean some promising things for the future. The Woman of the Match, Koos, played a strong game on the second row which made her title well deserved. Also: a special mention for Wendy who suffered a pretty bad case of (in her words) having her eye kicked into her skull. We wish her all the best of luck with her recovery! And last but not least: we’re more motivated than ever to get started with the competition.

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