TRAINING: Tuesday: 1XV 21.00-22.30, 2XV 18.00-19.30, Ladies XV 21.00-22.30 // Thursday: 1XV 19.30-21.00, 2XV 19.30-21.00, Ladies XV 19.30-21.00


LSRG Nieuws

N.S.K. Ladies and Gents

We can play again! For many, the NSK (Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap) 2021 was a reunion with an old friend. For some, it was a first encounter with a match and rugby traditions. After a long corona year, both the ladies and gents were finally able to have fun at the pitch again. L.S.R.G. faced their opponents with a lot of new players and both the young dogs and puppies have stood their ground firmly, after being marked with warpaint (Maroon, ofcourse) by our dear Ballboy. Tackles were made, rucks were formed and new rugby stars were born. Of course, this hasn’t been possible without the help and coaching of the more experienced L.S.R.G. players who put in the maximum effort to coach their labradoodles. Unfortunately, despite a first try against Obelix by Zoë, the ladies did not manage to get into the finals. However, through great team effort, spirit and most of all by having fun, the ladies have made their coach Dominique and each other proud. The gents have played some energetic games too, with players from the first and second mixed up for the tournament. And dear oh dear, those brand new kitshirts looked Geil!

Sadly, there was also a bittersweet taste to the tournament since we had to say goodbye to some L.S.R.G. veterans. Marie, Claire (Jan) and Mirella (Rells) are all three going to find their rugby luck elsewhere, but hopefully they will take a little bit of ‘t gevoeltje with them. Luckily for Jan and Rells, last Saturday, the puppies gave them more than enough opportunity to assert their powers as ‘zure driehoek’ one last time. They managed to lose…well what didn’t they manage to lose? And this was surely not only the fault of vajayjay Mip. Luckily, all lost items returned and everyone could turn to partying with peace of mind and the puppies certainly learned their lesson.

And party we did! The rugby spirit was for sure not left at the pitch. After (and maybe even during) the final, the music was turned on and the beer started to flow freely. It was clear that everyone was catching up on the gezelligheid that we missed so badly over the past year. Ieries seemed to appear out of nowhere as well as rusty dance moves that were put away for so long. Also, some L.S.R.G. members have definitely established some new connections with their fellow student rugby players. All in all, it was a good day and for now, let’s hope it is the first again of many great tournaments, games and parties in the future.

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