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LSRG Nieuws

Ladies XV vs. REL/Bekaro

Last Sunday we played against REL/Bekaro. We were a bit nervous because the last time we played against them, it was quite a nerve wrecking game. We were off to a rough start and the strong wind made passing difficult, resulting in a lot of knock-ons. REL/Bekaro on the other hand started strong and they almost made a try in the first 10 minutes. But our defense was strong and we pushed them over the sideline. 

After the second injured REL/Bekaro player had to be carried of the pitch and we had reorganised ourselves, the tide started to turn. Marie scored the first try and this gave us new energy to keep pushing. 

In the second half we had the wind in our back and combined with our strong play, we continued to score tries and Arie made most conversions too! REL/Bekaro started to crumble. At full time the score was 48-0, making it our fifth win and still zero tries against!

Try scorers: Marie, Wendy (2x), Myrthe (2x), Yvonne, Arie, Pauline

Woman of the match: Arie

Vajayjay: Loes

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