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LSRG Nieuws

Ladies XV vs. Oemoemenoe

Last Sunday we played on the squashy Zeeuwse soil. We played Oemoemenoe before, so we were hopeful of winning again!

It was an early rise for us. The ‘Zeeuwen’ are known for their frugality, but now we also experienced another ‘quality’. A feeling of revenge. So instead of kicking off at 15.00, the game started at 11.30.

After a shorter warming-up than usual, partly caused by some teammates rather spending their day at Centerparcs than spending it at Oemoemenoe, we started our game. It didn’t go as planned. The passes weren’t as precise as usual and we could not find each other on the field. After 20 minutes we found our groove back and the first try was made by Wendy! Because of that try our focus was back on and we played as spectacular as usual. ;)

We showed great teamwork and it paid off! One try after another by quick offloads, good support and great attacking lines.

Even though the Oemie’s were getting tired and agitated towards us, we kept our heads and standards high. Fortunately our tackles were kept low (most of the time).

No doubt Wendy was awarded WotM. She made the first try and also gave constructive feedback on our way of playing during the beginning of the game. Because of her the whole team was able to recover and get their mind set on winning the game.

With a final score of 0-45 we can be very proud of ourselves. After 4 games we still have 0 counterpoints!! Bring it on REL/Bekaro!

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