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LSRG Nieuws

Ladies XV vs. Domcity Mokum

Leiden, 12-01-2020

Last Sunday our ladies played a match against Domcity Mokum, the number two in the promotion league. In the pre-match pep talk, our captain Arie told us that there were three uncertainties for this game: the weather, our new line-up and our opponent. The weather: it was cold, rainy and quite windy. The line-up: we had new players on the pitch (shout out to Federica who made her amazing debut on the second row) and players on new positions. And lastly, our opponent: we had never played against Domcity Mokum before and had no idea what to expect. The only thing we had control over was ourselves, our teamwork and our motivation to win this match and remain number one in the promotion league. This realisation calmed our nerves against our unknown opponent somewhat and after the first try made by Zoë, we were on a roll. We were able to find the gaps in their defence line easily due to Domcity Mokum's buffalo-like tendencies of migrating en masse to one side of the pitch only to have us throw the ball to the other side. Our attack and defence systems were strong which resulted in us mostly playing on their half of the pitch. The Domcity Mokum ladies soon became tired, they suffered several injuries and wanted to play a shorter second half, as they were no match against our fast and fit LSRG ladies. We could have been faster in the counter ruck, but our tackles were low and coordinated, we countered their attacking pods well, and we worked together as a team. Each try was truly a team effort and with an end score of 77-0, we remain number one in the promotion league with still nil try's against. 

Woman of the Match: Marie

Vajayjay of the day: Marthe 

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