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2XV vs. Delft Combinatie


What a win! No intro necessary. This game was great.

Before Sunday things were still looking a little bit bleek though. We were missing a couple of players in key positions. In the Centers we had to innovate and experiment. And at Scrum Half we had a man playing only his second game. Fortunately there were also some positives. We had a strong pack with lots of second rowers and flankers. For us these guys are starting to be the backbone of our squad. And to think we were not even at full strength is a good sign for the future of the team.

Out of Bicycle Repair Land some alarming messages came on Sunday morning. They would not have a full team to play against us. This resulted in only 11 players showing up at ‘t Palenpadje. Credit to them for not opting the easy way out but coming to Leiden anyways! Props to you, Delft!

Although strictly speaking the win was already in the pocket, everyone was in for a nice 80 minutes of smashing Duften. Furthermore we couldn’t let our Man of the Hour, the Belgian Referee and interior cellar designer, Laurent a.k.a. Chouffe, down since he came driving all the way to Leiden just to help us out while we were in a pinch. He was a bit late, but many thanks for showing what ‘t Gevoeltje means!

30 minutes later than planned we finally kicked off. And immediately we turned on the screws. Tries were flying in left and right in the first half. The effort was spread between the forwards and the backs and under the command of Wockers people were performing quite well. It has to be said that most of our plays came from strong individual runs. Personally I’m very happen to see this. Guys like Tim, Harry and Bart are great ball carriers who always run with the intention of going over the gainline and not going down by the first tackler.

Also the support play was decent enough for this game, but we need to step it up for the next few games if want to keep winning. And this has everything to do with the structure of the team. It is easy to understand why the structure was lacking this game: Lot’s of players on new positions. And the first game after a break of almost a month. But still committing enough but not too many players to a ruck for instance is one thing we can focus on. This and more we will work on for the next couple of months.

And now some highlights of the match: Taxi Chris set a record for most Tries in a Game with 4! Andrelon will run his Zumba for Leiden and for Delft after just one game. Bart went down right before the tryline after getting patted on the back. Huntelaar and Yulian played their first match! Costa tackled Tim while he was going into Worp speed, hurt his head, went back in and finished the half playing for Delft!

Last thing I want to mention is great rugby spirit you guys showed on Sunday. When Delft arrived with just 11, some of you showed great heart and played a half for Delft. So Costa, Huntelaar, Yulian, Koen, Andrelon and Hidde, thanks for that! It is very much appreciated.

Man of the Match: Wouter. A great revelation in our time of need. Did everything you want from Scrummie: Communicate, solid pass, make tackles, be annoying. And all in his second ever game. Good job!

Dick of the Day: Your Coach. He was late for the Ladies game, missed their first try and let his players play for Delft. What a disgrace of a coach. Smh.


Big Steven

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