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2XV vs. Rotterdam Student RC

The end of the first half of the season was upon us. One final game before the winter break to set a result and to make sure we end up higher in the standings than last place. Of the past 7 games we won only one, but a couple of games were very close. The consensus is that we could have won more and we were ready to show that we could beat our last opponent: the Rotterdam Students. 

These guys are a team that resembles us a lot. It's a team with lots of new and some more experienced players. Unlike us they won two matches before the game started and they were 5 points above us in the standings. We knew that if won with a bonus point and we could deny them a single point, we would end up with an equal amount of points. And since our point balance was much better, there was the potential to end up in 7th place! 

With this knowledge in the back of our heads, we were as sharp a knife from the start of the game. The defense was really tight. When Rotterdam was in possession of the ball, a lot of pressure was applied. Not just the ball carrier was pressured but the whole defensive line went up in one line. This gave them a lot of problems. One, they hardly made any metres when carrying the ball. Second, they made quite a lot of handling errors. This resulted in territory gained by us with them still holding the ball. Or it was our ball to put in the scrum. 

The scrum this Sunday worked really well. Even though we had a new second rower and a winger on 8, we managed to keep all of our own ball and even disrupt their scrum as well. The strong scrum, the pressure in defense and the good kicking by Jillis, made sure that in the first half we had nothing to fear of Rotterdam. And when we shifted to offense, the job was done even better than in the defense. Jord had great control of the game and he was able to put his centers in good positions. Jillis was the first to profit from this and scored the first of his two tries. And the floodgates opened after his try. Three more tries were scored, which should have been four, were it not for Andrelon nominating himself for Dick of the Day by dropping the ball in the try area. Better luck next time, buddy. 

The start of the second half began where we left off. We quickly scored two more tries, giving us a 6 to 0 tries lead. Mission accomplished, you would say. But the red and green piggies didn't agree. While we let our guard down, they became more aggressive. The defense slacked a bit and in 10 minutes we assembled three times underneath the posts. Luckily for us, Mikey and Hidde fired us up. The whole team found the fifth gear again and although it being a really exciting game till they end, zero tries were given to Rotterdam and we snuck in one more. 

Some memorable moments were Matthijs Russ scoring his first try and it being disallowed. Our first row scoring five times! Costa filling the second row spot and doing excellent. And a special mention to the smallest guys on the field, Hein and Wockers, both making some heroic tackles. Great to see and it promises a lot for the upcoming months!

Man of the Match: Eduardo. A winger playing 8, first row and scoring twice! Amazing performance and great attitude towards the team.

Dick of the Day: Andrelon. The run that got him there was epic. His blazing speed left everyone breathless, including himself. Just don't ever drop the ball again. 

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