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Match report 1XV vs. RSRC

Sunday 24 November, Palenpadje

After a sore loss against the civilians of Obelix that was, typically for the Dutch competition, dictated by a delusional referee, we were looking for redemption in the only student match up of this season.  With a 9th position in the table and just 6 points behind the number 6 in the table we were looking for a win to be able to get to the top 6. As Rotterdam Students was the opponent and the number 6 in the table, we were in a perfect position to reinstate our position in the top 6.

The Sunday started great. With the likes of Ruben, Bram, Nonkel and Kyle coming back as reinforcements and an unusual long warm-up, we already creeped into the minds of RSRC. A tactical delay of the game with the post and flag setup got the Rotterdam Fly-half immediately out his comfort zone with the kick off. Most of you would not know this term but he hooked the ball meaning that he didn't hit it on the sweet spot but more inside of his foot resulting into a curved, shorter kick. Kyle was paying attention and caught this ball without it making the 10-meter mark.  He immediately broke two tackle and together with the Spanish bull Alvaro aimed for the try line. As their fullback got a good field position, Kyle placed the perfect grubber kick in to get Alvaro untouched under the post, 7-0. After this the game really started off. A tug of war began between to teams with a totally different style of play. They were looking to play from side to side without any real structure and we were playing our structured game get them sucked into the middle of the field and then killing them outside. We almost got the second score in after Rotterdam got a yellow card for a high tackle. Unfortunately, our line-out was for the first time this season under a lot of pressure. This gave them multiple times the opportunity to nullify our danger. As we were blessed this week with a good ref, some penalties were also given against us. Rotterdam had a specialist for this task, a prop that almost made it to professional football. He scored a 40-meter penalty resulting in a 7-3 score. Of course, some penalties came in our favour and luckily one was converted by our fly-half making is again a 7-point game. As we were dominating most of the open play again, we got close to the line multiple times. Dan got held up after great orange and Philip actually scored after a typical Fijian wing pick and go. This score unfortunately was refused as Rotterdam got a hand underneath the ball afterwards and the ref missed the grounding (probably his only mistake this game)..port: If you do not score after many attempts then the other team will. Just before half time Rotterdam caught us napping when trying to shift our defence and some good hands got them their first try. With a 10-10 score we went into half time.

The second half was even tighter then the first half. Most of the minutes were played in between both 22 meters as errors were forced and mistakes were made. The game shifted multiple times from one side to another within seconds. We weren't lucky in our search for another try. Rotterdam on the other side took its chances and scored another two penalties, 10-16. After some injuries and the toughness of the game, fatigue started creeping in like a girl/guy at the pillars of Minerva or with a salad/hairdresser (kapsalon) in the downtown waiting for a moment of weakness of her/his pray. The fitness exercises of the last months started to throw off their fruits and we started to get the upper hand again. A simple penalty in front of the post looked to be igniting our diesel motor but this was missed by our fly half. Rotterdam felt that this was their moment to strike. After a few phases, we were penalized within striking range for their kicker, they tried to seal the game, but luck was on our side as he missed for the first time this game. This did ignite our motor and for the first time this game everyone was 100% focussed and we played probably the best five minutes of this season. Zero mistakes from our side and merciless tactical play led to a perfect pasta ball and as cherry on the cake did it end with a perfect offload from our Amazonian Omnivore full-back Guus to Personal Trainer Sebash who scored. The score needed to be converted for the win and although the angle was tough (approximately 8 meters from the side-line) our fly-half kept his composure and converted the try resulting in a 17-16 win for the LSRG!

I'm really proud of everybody this game! There were almost no missed tackles, great phase play and especially unbelievable determination from everyone. The last minutes were perfect and if we can keep that composure in attack for the rest of the season then we will easily make top 6 and a get high standing in that table. What is also great to mention is to see all the new guys stepping up to their task and putting in the effort, especially in defence. This is what won us the game. Let's take this into the game against Breda and again show them at their turf what we are made of!

Always drifting,


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