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LSRG Nieuws

2XV vs. Batavieren

LSRG 2XV vs CL Batavieren 38-24

Right from the moment we assembled at the familiar coffeeshop behind the train station, it was clear: the alcohol consumed the night before had done its job. The twitching eyes, still adjusting to the sunlight, were omnipresent. And after some much needed coffee, Coach Steve was finally able to get in his car and drive the boys safely to Gouda. Because Gouda was the chosen battleground where the fearsome Skyblue and Maroon streepjes would have to fight for their first Win of the season!

Not rattled by the appearance of traffic controllers near the pitch, nor the annoying sound of someone shouting in a microphone nor the late arrival of the referee, we started all looking sharp! But appearances can be deceiving. It actually appeared to be our worst first 20 minutes of the season. The combination team of not less than 4 clubs, with a total of 30 players, were steamrolling us. Tackle after tackle we missed. Mistakes (read: kicks) were made. And apart from 2 or 3 players, the team on the field consisted of wet noodles, floppy cocks and football players. This all resulted in 3 tries and a score of 17-0.

The level of play we showed was far below our potential. This realisation came when Taxi Chris ran on the field. His immediate impact by tackling and running with the ball, gave us all the signal we were waiting for. Jord was able to direct the forwards and the backs in place and everybody started playing better. And it didn’t take long for Blitzkrieg to again amaze us with his strength and persistence. In true German fashion he broke through the Dutch waterlinie and pressed the Oval down after some good structural play by the whole team. And after that great try, Bart upheld his promise by also scoring before halftime. The score was looking bearable: 17-14

Some changes were made. This was a special moment for we welcomed Bram back on the field, proudly wearing the jersey once more. Right from the start, both teams realised they could snatch the victory by being more physical than the opponent. The Batavieren, having 15 spare men, knew they had some cannon fodder to feed us with and so they did. But one after the other had to be subsistuted and we held our ground, although not without taking some casualties ourselves. In this period we scored twice and they scores once. Score was now leveled at 24-24. With still 20 minutes on the clock.

This was where the game got really intense. The flow of the game went up and down with both sides having chances to score, but neither did. Only 5 minutes before the end of the game, Jillis managed to score. It was a sense of excitement we hadn’t felt this season yet: we were up 7 points, just a couple of plays away from winning our first match! However, the tired old men still not gave up. And with a tremendous effort on our 5 meter line, we held them back. It was pure force of will and proper tackling technique that gave us the edge in the end. The cherry on top was the finishing blow by Bram, intercepting a telegraphed pass and scoring the final try at last play.

“Ein Knock-on zu machen ist unwichtig, aber ohne Leidenschaft zu spielen ist unverzeihlich!” The game is summed up in this quote by Ludwig von Beethoven. You are all improving and growing stronger rapidly each week and this game it all came together. But, were it not for your true passion, we definitely would have lost.

Looking ahead, in one week we are facing our archnemesis: DSR-C. And having seen our level of play last Sunday on the infamous Field of Gouda, I’m looking forward to meeting them on our battleground of choice: het Palendpadje.

Man of the Match: Victor. He showed us that if you want to win, you must play for 80 minutes, not 60. One of the only players who was tackling right from the start.
Dick of the Day: Bart, you’re of forward, behave like one and stop kicking.

Big Steven

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