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LSRG Nieuws

Match report 1XV vs. RC The Hookers

Sunday 3 November, Palenpadje

After the painful loss against Tovaal the week before, the LSRG was looking for redemption against the Hookers II. The team at the bottom of league had some fluctuating results so we expected a tough match up front. As the ereklasse teams all had planned vacation due to international tests matches, this expectation was only strengthened.

During the second team training, the hookers arrived at the Palenpadje. Multiple players were recognised, and our theory was confirmed that team they got some reinforcements. They were allowed to have a few in their team so we had let it pass and went on with our preparations for the game. The game started off as always. We receive the ball, make an early error and start defending. This immediately led to some pressure and in an early try for the Hookers. Immediately was noticed that something was wrong. The skill of the hands during that try couldn't be from a team that was dead last in the competition. Nevertheless, we were still better than them in the pack and started off again with Hent leading the way with some line breaks. An early penalty gave us the opportunity to get back in the game. Still they had the upper hand in the backs and with some of their good players in the forwards. Our well-known omnivore fullback, recently returned from a journey through coca plantations, luckily was still feeling the effects of this trip as he saved us from at least three tries. The diesel engine started to run but after some silly penalties they increased their lead through some good penalty kicks. Still we were not giving up the fight. The game spiced up and they were penalised after a shoulder charge. This gave us the perfect opportunity as the always running line-out gave the backs some good ball and a perfectly executed move got our first try on the board. Unlucky as we always are, a loose ball was picked by a player holding the title of national champion rugby and went 60 meters for a try in the corner. 10-25 as we went into the changing room.

The second half was sparked with a brilliant speech and move by our coaching duo and we started of firing. We felt that we were overpowering them in the pack and started to outplay them. A barnstorming run by Ruben got us underneath the posts and another one from Dan got us within a point difference. The return of Big Flip and Walenkast got us even more momentum. The game was up for grabs and they could handle our power anymore. A well seen but poorly executed tap and go in front of the posts costed us an easy three points but this didn't matter as we got another opportunity a few minutes later. This chance was converted into three points and got us in the lead for the first time this game. The Hookers didn't give up though. The game went back and forth, and the pressure was getting high. A clearance kick was chased by our Serotonin overflowing, Belgium winger who got the luck of the bounce and went for the try line. He was just tackled a few meters short of the tryline and quick ruck let Dirk score with only minutes to go in the game. The Hookers immediately made some substitution to spark their last minutes. This effort was only in vain as we dealt with the pressure and in the last moment of the game even dragged one of their best players for at least 6 meters in the air into touch ending the game. 36-25!

Again, work rate is the keyword for this win. We fully took advantages from our strengths and were conservative though clinical with our opportunities. If we tackle like the second half, we will not get any tries against us. Everyone did their job this weekend and played their heart out! I'm very proud that we pulled together in the second half.

Always drifting,


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