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LSRG Nieuws

Match report 1XV vs. Pink Panthers

29th of September, 2019


Honourable Members of the LSRG,

I was asked to write a report on our game last Sunday. I played for the bigger part of this game so I can’t mention everything, but this is my take on it.

Pink Panthers away. Fresh team in our competition, finished 2nd or 3rd in the second division north for the last couple of years and won every game until this one. The forecast was pretty bad, so we prepared a game plan to adapt to this and get the most advantage from that.

As expected, Pink Panthers was a good side with a mix of experienced players, young guys and big farmers. They were a structured team that ran with pace at our defensive line and wasn’t afraid to try offloads or weird miss passes. But this didn’t matter for the LSRG defence. The words that immediately come to mind for this game is persistence, courage and BIG defence.

As I already said, it was rainy so we couldn’t play our fast game going from side to side. In addition, the Pink Panthers were delaying every ruck, in ways that weren't always according to the rules. This resulted in some early penalties, sadly not enough during the rest of the game. This with the combination of some bad kicking didn’t put us in the right places and gave them the chance to play ball in our half. This lead to some early tries. After that the LSRG attack recouped. We got back into the game and in a counter attack all Brian's training payed off and slick hands ended in Rens running under the posts. After this the game changed into a tug of war. After at least 15 minutes of war and just before half time we got a yellow card and a penalty try against us.

The second half continued as the first half ended. Big defence from our side and some creativity from 1XV young dogs. We could've got back into the game a few times but luck wasn't on our side. The whole front row of the Pink Panthers was replaced and they found a gap in the rules maintained by the ref. Every scrum from then on was dominated with an early push and an only upward drive by the Pink Panthers. I feel a bit like a Springbok talking about a French ref but this minimalised our chances to get back into the game. Even though the coin didn't flip our way I saw something during this game that I didn't see very often in my time with the LSRG. We never lost our fighting spirit. Everyone fought their hearts out and never gave up.

I really proud of everyone and even though we lost, this is the mentality that we can build on. The things we also didn’t mention after the game and also not in the earlier phrases: They didn’t get any clean ball of their line out, our defence lead to at least 10 knock-ons from them in our own 22, most of the tries were scored when we were a man down and Bas got a yellow card for a no arm tackle.

Let's now take this into the home game against Octopus and smash these farmers.

With 0val greetings,


Maurits Thomson aka Aziz, the Moroccan, Muppy

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