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Match report Ladies XV vs. Dukes/Octopus/Wally/Bulls

29th of September 2019

After our fantastic celebration of the ladies lustrum, it was time for the ladies to travel to Brabant. With a bad weather forecast (lots of rain ..) and dog poop on Femke's rugby pants that she had received through Claire's shoes during the warming up, we started the game.

At the start of the first half we were compatible, but that soon changed with the two tries from Zoë. We knew what their weaknesses was, namely going through the big holes in their defense and by putting pressure on them so they dropped the ball. And so more tries followed from Arie (with the help of Rells who made a beautiful break), Jan, Femke and Loes. Final score: 5-50.

Shout out to Henk who played an incredible game as scrumhalf, the puppies Roos and Minke who have played their first match, Skyler (part of the older LSRG ladies) who joined us at the lustrum but also on the pitch today and Mara who did incredibly well on the first row.

Woman of the match was Peppie who put a lot of pressure on the opponents causing them to drop a lot of balls and made many turnovers so we could start a new attack. Vajayjay of the day was Femke, not because Femke had dog poop on her pants, but because Femke left the field with a sore shoulder, but after 5 minutes she was whining that she wanted to get back on the pitch.

In short, it was a great game where we played very well together. We will take the points from this match and points for improvement back to Leiden and the training!


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