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Match report 2XV vs. RC Delft 3

29th of September, 2019

To give a full and multiperspective view of the clash between LSRG and RC Delft, two match reports are posted as two people wrote the match report after a Leidsche miscommunicatie.


Heaven's locks opened on the 29th of September, creating some proper rugby conditions. Seeing the fire in the eyes of the students, we all felt today could be the day that we put the first points on the board. After downing our coffees, we hopped in the automobiles with 21 players and a very geil Zijlijngezelschap of 4.

Considering we had a couple of injuries, like our captain, we still fielded a strong team. The start of the game was very promising! With a strong tailwind we managed to pin Delft down in their half of the pitch. We kept on running at them with ball in hand, did not make it difficult for ourselves by throwing impossible passes and it took us 15 minutes until Pip crossed the tryline and scored the first, well deserved try. Also in the first half we pressed our second try and the score was looking up at half time. 

Bad luck struck as well when Maarten had to leave the pitch with an injury which gave us some trouble in the scrum. Also Costa came off with an injury. Delft made the most out of this situation in the second half. The pressure on our set pieces was high. Together with the headwind we had a struggle to hold possession of the ball. We will continue our focus on the ruck in the coming weeks to make sure we keep improving on this. And when Delft won the ball they knew how to utilise it. Our wingers and full back were new to this type of play and with some unlucky bounces of the Ovaal, Delft scored two tries. 

Right after Delft scored their third try, the L.S.R.G. stood up and started fighting back again. Taxi Chris lead the way the whole game and his efforts were rewarded when he leveled the score: 17-17. But the rugby gods didn't want to reward the whole team. Experienced as the were, Delft took a shot at goal from about 30 meters out and nailed the kick. We weren't able to hit back one more time and lost this very close game. Now, I must mention the defence we put all game! Delft reached the 5 meterline a couple of times, but never did they broke through. Awesome to see. The ABC defence is working great. The backline does need to work on their line speed from scrums and lineouts, but in open play it was really good. 

Man of the match was a tough one because a lot of you put on a good performance. Special mentions go to Poolboy, Blitzkrieg, Jillz and Pip for strong running and tackling but Taxi Chris stood out. Quick runs, never shy to claim the ball, big hits and a great individual try.

Dick of the day was our full back who made a rookie mistake: the 5 meterline is not the tryline, but now you know, Ockers. 

Although we did not win the game, we did claim our first (defensive) bonus point! This means we are off the hated zero! Next game: Rotterdam Burgers. Always a tough game, but with the growth this team is having, we can surely win! 

Anonymous member of the Zijlijngezelschap



The L.S.R.G. Second's were facing the Delft civilians. After a narrow loss to the All Black's B-team last week, the boys where eager to claim victory in the name of our horny gezelschap and everything that it stands for. It would prove to be a hard battle in which some very creative tactics would be used.

It started out well for the SkyBlueMaroon force. The Delftians were'nt able to penetrate trough the defensive line and at times they couldnt even get over the gainline. This disciplined defence paid off when Jillis made a line break and rushed over the pitch just meters short of a brilliant score. The try eventually came through Pip who bashed his way over the tryline.

The L.S.R.G. kept being on the offense and varied nicely in combat between the forwards and some elusive handling and running with the backs. It was Jit who came close to a try, but he scored at the five metre line, brilliantly confusing the Delftians, referee and spectators. It was from this confusion that Sebas would score later. Half time score 12-0.

The second half started messy and saw the heroes of the second XV being forced on the defence. Delft swapped some of their forwards for giants who tried to bully their way trough. Tough they succeeded in scoring twice, it has to be said that the defensive discipline was excellent. After playing five minutes on our own tryline Delft was pushed back and needed all their dirty tricks to get over the whitewash.

Some creativity was shown and has to be mentioned here. First up was some creative defence by J'Andrelon. Delft kicked the ball deep and our fullback tried to confuse the opposition by also pressing the ball down at the five meter line. This time the Delftians didn't fell for it and pushed trough. Captain Pip decided that enough was enough and applied an old triptrick to get everyone back into the game: he made everyone buddy up and give eachother a slap of confidence. It might have worked, because during a nice counter it was Cabbie Chris who receveid an offload and ran in another try, tipping the scoring board in our favour. In the final minutes of the game Delft scored a penalty determined the final score on 20-17. Fucking sneaky bastards.

The are a lot positives that we can take out of this game. The handling in the backs was slik and spot on. In defence we've shown that we can keep our discipline and push the opposing team back. Scrums we're brilliant and our line-outs are looking very well. The boys have shown that they know how to put the drills of the trainingfield out into matchpractice. If we can keep this up, the future is looking bright for the L.S.R.G seconds.

Another anonymous member of the Zijlijngezelschap

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