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LSRG Nieuws


This weekend was as said in earlier posts a huge one for the LSRG. With 2 losses and 1 one win it was also a slight disappointment. Only in the score though because on the field the skyblue and maroon showed what fighting spirit means. The 1XV lost against DIOK 23-24, the puppies lost against Obelix 44-7 and the 2XV won 35-34 over the Bassets. 
The 1XV as said lost by one point. Although sometimes lacking in quality there was an incredible amount of discipline and heart on the pitch. This season often individual or great team play managed to break the opponent from the start. But DIOK is unlike the other opponents this season. They ran up quickly on our backline and put pressure on our forwards. We struggled to handle them except for in the scrum where we were the dominant party. With 1 kick and 1 try from their side and 3 kicks from our side the 1st half ended 10-9. 
But as more often has been the case this season right after the match resumed there missed a crucial bit of focus. DIOK profited and got their 2nd try. Although the focus was back on there was still a lack of fluency in the game of the 1XV. It was not until another try from DIOK through a strong break that LSRG cleared their heads. With nothing to lose the last 15 minutes of the game were a demonstration of what this team was capable of. With the 1st try renovating the spirit DIOK was put against the wall. Especially the pack picked up intensity and managed to force a 2nd try for the last play of the game. This win does demoralize but it also gives our side hope. Hope for a loss of DIOK because they were beatable yesterday and hope that we start the next match as strong as we finished this one. 
The 2XV traveled to the Bassets to show the neighborhood farmers what being a student is all about. In the 1st half our fast runners in the backs and strong scrum meant a convincing 12 to 20 score line. If anything it looked like the Bassets were about to give up. However, they subbed some of their weaker players, turned on their fighting spirit and a new team arose. As has been the case more often this season the 2XV was already feeling to confident in their win. Thus suddenly after 15 minutes they were 9 points behind. However, lead by a few crucial members on the pitch this was when a turn around was forced. Within the next 10 minutes the match could have fallen to either side. But it was the quickness of the students that meant they got the best of it. With only 5 minutes to go the score was 34-29 in favor of the Bassets though. But with unrelenting favor the skyblue and maroon attacked. Resulting in a last second try, a win and a very geil gevoeltje!
With 15 ladies from whom many inexperienced, the LSRG-DIOK rookie team left for a game against Obelix in Nijmegen. The opposition was strong and since the Leidse ladies had no subs, the players had to be rather flexible. The Obelix ladies dominated the game but after some injuries on the side of Leiden they proposed to help us out by granting us some of their subs. In the last minutes of the game prop Ashley managed to make a break but got tackled inches away from the try line. 
However, since this was a high tackle it became a penalty try and the LSRG-DIOK rookies went home with a 44-7 loss. Woman of the match was Myrthe who made up a great duo with Miriam on the center positions and managed to make some great breaks. But everybody did their utmost and improved a lot during the game! Hopefully they can use this experience in the next Rookiegame on the 12th of february against VSRC.



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