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Match Reports Sunday 14-1-2018

It was a crisp Sunday morning. The sun was out but still one could see the cold dew hanging over the field. On this first game day of the year LSRG was expecting three tough games. The ladies would travel to Castricumse Rugby Club, the 2XV was defending the home front against SRC Thor and the 1XV traveled all the way to Uden to give RC Octopus Uden hell. 
Firstly the ladies might have faced the toughest opposition of the day. Especially as they were themselves weakened by disease and the holidays. No matter the were ready to fight for every inch. And they had to, the dominance of this Ereklasse team was clear from the start. Unfortunately their dominance was expressed in the score as well. Ending just below the three digits at 98 to 5 it was a bit of a slaughter. However, the LSRG ladies managed to keep their honor with a solid try and great fighting spirit. 
The 2XV were facing Thor which was coming in strong with their latest match being a win. Not only this but at the game in Delft LSRG had lost with just one try difference. This meant that the boys were out for blood and they showed so by getting 2 tries in the first 10 minutes of the game. However, by fumbling their own balls and not being quite determined enough at times the game was not decided within the first 20 minutes. In the following 60 minutes a great duel followed. Although LSRG were dominant in possession Thor was not budging in their own 22 and they were always on the lookout for an opportunity. With a try in the last 6 minutes of the game for a minute it seemed like the game might turn towards Thor, as they had now approached LSRG by only 3 points. But it did not 't gevoeltje roared and a crushing break by the centers meant that LSRG was going home with all the marbles. 27-17 and a great session in the Duke of Oz followed this even geiler game. 
Which was also partly so geil because of the news the 1XV brought back from Uden. Octopus away is always among the top three hardest games of the season. On that field which throughout the week is used for farming, I am sure, there is no room for agile students. Instead the game becomes about tackling, scruming, rucking and mauling. Not that this is not very horny but it is quite an amazing feed to do better in this then the great farm boys from Brabant. As you might have guessed by now, the 1XV was up for it though. Whomever can tell me the last time we won there without getting a single try against gets a pint. Although LSRG did not manage to score many tries themselves Octopus got none. At 12-0 a statement was uttered to DIOK. You better be ready coming Sunday because mercy at the grounds of the Palenpadje will not be found. Hopefully many of you can attend the derby of Leiden coming Sunday kicking off at 14:00. ????

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