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Match Report LSRG 1- RSRC 1



This was a real one. A make-or- break-match. ‘Die ekte ekte’. A top-flight clash. An A-game. A ten-pointer. Call it what you want. And my, did you pull through. As a brilliant but anonymous spectator (will we ever know his true identity?) pointed out, it looked like you all snorted a line of tiger balm right before KO. Egad, you were flying from the very first whistle. Before RSRC knew what hit them, you were three tries up already.

After they had regrouped, an interesting showdown unfolded right in front of our very eyes. Having recovered from your opening blitzkrieg, they showed why they’re contesting in the top of the league with us. Not to say you toddled off, but gradually, nearing the end of the first half, they began to take more and more advantage of some of our slip-ups. This resulted in a complete shift of momentum after half time. For tactical and competitive reasons I won’t go into detail, but they figured out a fatal flaw in your attacking play (which I know some of you noticed as well) and developed a very effective counter-measure against it, consisting of, amongst other things, drifting a flanker in their backline. 

That tactic itself has a grand weakness however, and all the credit goes to you for dragging it to the surface when your pounding started to take its toll on them. Tired and battered was no way for them to keep it up, and once again you won it in the last quarter because of superior fitness. Excellent work especially by our own flankers and centres, for being all kinds of in-the-face nuisances, though all of you, including the much-needed fresh legged subs, fully grasped the necessity of it. You were better this game, but I feel it was this exact thing that made the win happen.

One thing that was a definite improvement over the game against HRC was the thankfully drastically reduced amount of penalties you gave away. I don’t want to imagine how this match would have gone if you would have conceded the same number of penalties as in The Hague, and I hope the results are all the motivation you need to keep your discipline. It just makes playing your game so much easier. I know it’s not necessarily something you do on purpose, but it’s very much an addressable flaw, so after a while that excuse goes out of the window.

This match was an example of how to do it. Just to be a dick, here’s some petty criticism as well. For the love of everything you hold dear about this game: In attack. Stay! DEEP! Timing is absolutely everything, but it goes both ways. We want you to shout out if you want to receive a pass, but if you’re in open attack, it’s no use screaming for the ball if you’re already on the same line. You want to be dashing on to the ball, instead of catching the ball behind you, rearranging yourself, stopping your momentum and forcing you to speed up all over again. That usually results in you instantly getting knocked to the ground, when at the very least you’re the one who has to dish out the initial hit. Do try to keep this in mind, it will only add to the devastating running potential we have, and may well aid us tremendously in the future.

Standout mentions:
-MotM Mika, le French Magician. 100% on the kicks, devastating counter-runs and just plain brutal in defence. There’s a tendency for us all to start considering your usual level to be ‘normal’ given the run you’re having, but it really isn’t. It’s nothing short of spectacular, anyone who claims otherwise is just spoiled by you. 

-Jonkers. Slap me thrice and hand me to me mother, you’re the pinnacle of why mentality always beats out on pure strength. Bravery to spare too, sometimes just simply blasting off after a scrum or a ruck yourself and gaining ground every time. One point of improvement: be more vocal, call the shots if you need to. You’ve got the qualities, now assume the command.

-Front V. Yes. As a whole. Fucking bunch of jackals you were. Don’t know how many Rotterdammers you collectively knocked out, I stopped counting at four. Barging runs, thunderous hits, rips and steals galore, always a solid platform from which to launch and a scrum that would erect a shoelace (if you know what I mean). Cries of remembrance from the days of Alcatraz, I cannot give you a bigger compliment.

As if your own excellent performance wasn’t reason enough for a good mood, the celebrations could really begin once the news broke that our esteemed neighbours from The Hague pulled a rabbit out of their hat and beat Tilburg 20-10, leaving us in second place for the moment. I ended the last match report with the notion that this Sunday would determine which of the student clubs would hang on in a potential title race. As of right now, it’s very much on for us. For more details on how ‘on’ it actually is, I happily refer you to the already legendary post-match pieces of journalism, shot in the Duke in between the much deserved 
victory drinks.


©Le French Magician

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