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LSRG Nieuws

2XV vs. Rotterdamse RC

Leiden, 13-10-2019

Sun's out, guns out. A well known saying among backs. And game day probably being the last sunny day for the coming 5 months, not just the backs but also the forwards brought their guns. In the end, the result was not in our favor. But what a game it was! When looking at the standings and since we played them last year, we knew this Rotterdam team was no joke. They are a strong squad. Lots of experience and some proper players. So this meant we had to do our utmost best if we wanted a result.

And we really gave it our best, if you ask me! The line up had some surprises with Hollywood, Daniël and Bas, reenforcing us from the 1XV. All three had an impact on the game.With Hollywood making the most tackles in the game, Bas scoring the first try and Daniël making big runs and keeping the scrum straight. Unlucky for him, Daniël left the field with a sprained ankle. But when Luuk came on the field we lost nothing of our power. 

In the first half the team was playing like never before. The scrums were steady and this is beginning to be a solid foundation for us. In the line outs were dominated them as well. And our defense was tough! Ed Sheeran's appearance on stage was flawless. His tackles were on point, the runs he made were dangerous every time and he even shined on the number 8 spot for some minutes. In these two months see can the growth Chris made as a player. A well deserved man of the match performance! 

But more players showed that they have improved over the last couple of weeks. Harry again amazed us with his runs. If they had a Frenchman on their team he would surely have surrendered after his first charge. The second row is really coming together with Felix and Vincent. Dion had false start but still played well had scrum half. Although it was Rik who playing like he is the 9 for a long time. 

The backs also did their part and there really is only one man who must be mentioned here: our flying Scotsman scored his very own first try with the L.S.R.G. Congrats mate! The ball was played fairly decent through the hands more than once. Some good runs were made but the backs, but we just weren't able to finish them off. With more experience this won't be an issue because you will know to just power through at those moments. 

I must say I'm impressed by the way we played this Sunday. Your skills all across the board are improving rapidly, game knowledge is getting better and you are becoming tougher in fights over the ball. Whether it's a ruck, a scrum or any other situation, you know what to do! Score: 12 - 22.

Keep up the good work at practise and on to the next one!



1XV vs. RC Octopus

Leiden, 13-10-2019

Honorable Members of the LSRG,

I again have the privilege to write a report of our game. The game was played on the 13th of October against a well-known opponent, Octopus Uden. I need to mention that I played the full game so I didn't see everything, but this was my take on it.

Octopus I; always a tough team to play against. Well-known for their scrum and the (over)weight of almost all their players. The results against these guys vary a lot and not always in our favor, so this was promised to be a good match upfront. One of our little birds informed us a few weeks ago that the village Uden had a sudden growth in Bulgarian players, so not so surprisingly the amount Bulgarians on the field had also increased. What did surprise us was the substitution of probably a quarter of their team for young guys with actually an average BMI. This influenced the game a lot as they were also looking more to play ball. The first half was a tug of war with some mistakes from both sides resulting in a lot of scrums. Even though we normally have a slow start, we stroke first. Jan Hein finished of a brilliant move set up by our forward pod system. Our new young gun Pierre exposed the weakness of his direct opponent immediately. Pierre being half of his opponents' weight but probably twice as fast looked like stepping him all day. This weakness was exploited for the rest of the game. The second try was also an example with Alvaro running underneath the post of a perfectly executed line out and Ninja 2. As I already mentioned, this Octopus side was pretty good in their pack. This was felt in the scrum, but the open play was dominated by our pack and the scrum only cracked once during the game. Some poor game management and a few personal errors led octopus back into the game. A scrum on our five that was turnover by them, and a good executed set piece move from octopus got them scoring twice. We kept the led in the first half as Ruben and Sander both ran great tries from either good offloads or great running lines of our pack.

The second half was a replica of the first half only with less scores from both sides. Some minor injuries forced us to use our bench to his full capacity but everyone that was on the field brought fire into the game. We were dominant in the forwards, Jan Hein ran them ragged with almost every maroon ball he carried, and bas again showed why he's always mentioned as Sebash in line up. Jeroen made his presence known after Alvaro spotted gap and carried until 10 meters before the tryline with Jeroen getting the offload and stepping his opponent with a ballerina like pirouette and giving it back to Alvaro who went underneath the post for another score. Two penalties sealed the game and ended the game at 41-26 in our favor.

Special mentions go out everyone in the squad. The ethos was great and even the 150 kg overall weight difference didn't set us back. Everyone that came on brought fire into the game and this was great to see. The things to learn from the game is to be a little bit more careful with our chances and that we keep our composure in tough situations.

Always drifting,


Ladies XV vs. CL REL/Bekaro

Leiden, 13-10-2019

With support from both the first and second team, the LSRG ladies took to the field on this Super Sunday to play CL REL/RCC Bekaro dames 1.

The match started well for LSRG with Marie scoring a try after a nice pass from Sofie. Bekaro responded by scoring 2 tries, using their strong forwards to push through the LSRG defence. Subsequently, Zoë scored a try (with conversion) putting LSRG back in the lead. Berkaro scored twice more before halftime (one conversion).

HT: 12-22

In the second half, LSRG regained their strength and improved their defensive play. The LSRG defence was really put to the test due to some refereeing issues involving 7 missed high tackles, a multitude of illegal steals, the constant use of hands in the ruck and crocodile rolls which were a tad unsafe to say the least. LSRG responded well to the pressure from the opposition and, with a beautiful break from Pauline and another try from Zoë, they managed to tie the score. Unfortunately Berkaro scored again. Good attacking work from LSRG using Dominique’s deep attacking lines, triangles and transit players resulted in a try from Daphne (with conversion); LSRG took the lead again for the first time in the second half. Berkaro retaliated with a try in the corner. The play that ensued saw Ashley smash through their defensive line to score another try. The final minutes were intense with LSRG defending 5 meters from their tryline with a mere two-point lead on the scoreboard. Fortunately the LSRG defence held up well against the physical Berkaro and denied them the opportunity to score. After a nerve-wracking match which saw both teams score 6 tries and had 9 lead changes, LSRG was victorious.

FT: 34-32

Player of the match: Pauline

Vajayjay of the day: Kokkie

Match report 1XV vs. Pink Panthers

29th of September, 2019


Honourable Members of the LSRG,

I was asked to write a report on our game last Sunday. I played for the bigger part of this game so I can’t mention everything, but this is my take on it.

Pink Panthers away. Fresh team in our competition, finished 2nd or 3rd in the second division north for the last couple of years and won every game until this one. The forecast was pretty bad, so we prepared a game plan to adapt to this and get the most advantage from that.

As expected, Pink Panthers was a good side with a mix of experienced players, young guys and big farmers. They were a structured team that ran with pace at our defensive line and wasn’t afraid to try offloads or weird miss passes. But this didn’t matter for the LSRG defence. The words that immediately come to mind for this game is persistence, courage and BIG defence.

As I already said, it was rainy so we couldn’t play our fast game going from side to side. In addition, the Pink Panthers were delaying every ruck, in ways that weren't always according to the rules. This resulted in some early penalties, sadly not enough during the rest of the game. This with the combination of some bad kicking didn’t put us in the right places and gave them the chance to play ball in our half. This lead to some early tries. After that the LSRG attack recouped. We got back into the game and in a counter attack all Brian's training payed off and slick hands ended in Rens running under the posts. After this the game changed into a tug of war. After at least 15 minutes of war and just before half time we got a yellow card and a penalty try against us.

The second half continued as the first half ended. Big defence from our side and some creativity from 1XV young dogs. We could've got back into the game a few times but luck wasn't on our side. The whole front row of the Pink Panthers was replaced and they found a gap in the rules maintained by the ref. Every scrum from then on was dominated with an early push and an only upward drive by the Pink Panthers. I feel a bit like a Springbok talking about a French ref but this minimalised our chances to get back into the game. Even though the coin didn't flip our way I saw something during this game that I didn't see very often in my time with the LSRG. We never lost our fighting spirit. Everyone fought their hearts out and never gave up.

I really proud of everyone and even though we lost, this is the mentality that we can build on. The things we also didn’t mention after the game and also not in the earlier phrases: They didn’t get any clean ball of their line out, our defence lead to at least 10 knock-ons from them in our own 22, most of the tries were scored when we were a man down and Bas got a yellow card for a no arm tackle.

Let's now take this into the home game against Octopus and smash these farmers.

With 0val greetings,


Maurits Thomson aka Aziz, the Moroccan, Muppy

Match report Ladies XV vs. Dukes/Octopus/Wally/Bulls

29th of September 2019

After our fantastic celebration of the ladies lustrum, it was time for the ladies to travel to Brabant. With a bad weather forecast (lots of rain ..) and dog poop on Femke's rugby pants that she had received through Claire's shoes during the warming up, we started the game.

At the start of the first half we were compatible, but that soon changed with the two tries from Zoë. We knew what their weaknesses was, namely going through the big holes in their defense and by putting pressure on them so they dropped the ball. And so more tries followed from Arie (with the help of Rells who made a beautiful break), Jan, Femke and Loes. Final score: 5-50.

Shout out to Henk who played an incredible game as scrumhalf, the puppies Roos and Minke who have played their first match, Skyler (part of the older LSRG ladies) who joined us at the lustrum but also on the pitch today and Mara who did incredibly well on the first row.

Woman of the match was Peppie who put a lot of pressure on the opponents causing them to drop a lot of balls and made many turnovers so we could start a new attack. Vajayjay of the day was Femke, not because Femke had dog poop on her pants, but because Femke left the field with a sore shoulder, but after 5 minutes she was whining that she wanted to get back on the pitch.

In short, it was a great game where we played very well together. We will take the points from this match and points for improvement back to Leiden and the training!


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