TRAINING: Tuesday: 1XV 21.00-22.30, 2XV 18.00-19.30, Ladies XV 21.00-22.30 // Thursday: 1XV 19.30-21.00, 2XV 19.30-21.00, Ladies XV 19.30-21.00


LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. CL Cheetahs

Sunday, Rugbyday! November 14th, at the dawn of the day, we gathered again, for the 3rd week in a row, for another episode of LXV on tour. Heading to Haarlem for a game against the Cheetahs. We already knew it was going to be a challenging game for several reasons; 1) we had to play against the top team of our league; 2) without our lovely captain; 3) without our sideline enthusiasts (something with new corona regulations); 4) on the same weekend as the DIES.

TLDR; we lost: 64-3.

Let's start by stating that the score is not a good representation of the quality of our game. And let’s take you on the lovely journey which was that day.

After only a short 30-min drive, we arrived at Haarlem. Already impressed by their beautiful cafeteria and dressing rooms, we quickly moved to the pitch to start our warm-up. A nice pitch with very soft artificial grass, perfect rugby weather, and 22 very Geyle ladies, nothing could go wrong, we could just have a fun match. As we already knew it was going to be a challenging game, the idea was just to have fun. Make minutes, find each other on the field, becoming stronger, both individually and as a team.

Kick-off. As apparently it has become our signature move, a fast try was scored against our team, which was needed to shake everybody up, and get into game mode. And that was also the mood for the rest of the game. We needed our time to warm up, get aggressive, get into that mood. The more minutes in the game, the lower the tackles, the harder the push-troughs. Our own on-the-pitch analyst (aka our magnificent Zoë) could report back to us that only a few tackles were missed: We might not have been that eager for the ball, we were eager for those legs. However, unfortunately, our strong opponent kept scoring tries, and we should have been happy that their conversions were not as successful as their attacks. 

It became a quite thrilling match when our beloved Pep was taken down in a double tackling, leaving her literally breathless. We always have to take good care of our scarce front five, but luckily we could mingle up, and Charlotte showed again that she can also be a great 2nd rower.

A penalty kick at the posts by our blistering Zoë finally took us off those unjustified zero points.  

Although we might not win, I think we can state that we did not lose. The versatility of our team showed itself again, with different ladies playing at different positions on the pitch, switching and mingling when needed. There was a lot of positive coaching and guidance on the pitch, specifically by Iris, Ashley, and Yv. This match made us grow again as a team, better, stronger, more together, and again more eager for the win in our next game. 

Our pups also showed themselves from their best side, with a special mention for Leo, who made her first playing minutes in the league and immediately showed what she was worth by making a couple of nice tackles. 

Our lineswomen (Peetie, Elfie, and one-arm Paulie) also should receive some extra recognition points, as, without those flags, we cannot play (or know what 10m is).

And although we might not have won, I think we can state that we did win the third half. Stand-in/Forward captain Ashley showed the kids how it should be done by outdrinking them (although I think that Ashley also showed some other nice features of herself, by which they would remember her). Yv was well deserved crowned as Woman of the Match. Apparently, Hag had to wash away a lot of emotions after the game/weekend; the claimed shower time resulted in earning the vajayjay. Forwards have to shower too!


WOTM opponent: Zoë

Vajayjay: Hag

All in all, we were tired but fulfilled. The effort we showed and the game we played is promising for the upcoming two final matches in the remaining part of the first half of the competition. And if there’s one thing we learned, it is that we rightfully play in the second division and we plan to keep it that way!

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. RC Delft 2

After a great Dies weekend in which the liquid gold flowed freely among our Leden, the 1XV had a match against the civilians of Delft. This was promised to be a memorable one as this was also the place for our last game Pre-COVID’s second lockdown. As we were relegated due to the Virus, we were now in the position to have zero benefits from our league status and therefore were forced to assemble at 0930 in the morning. In addition to this, the new corona outbreak in combination with the festivities caused our team to look like we were in scenes of bird box or the Happening. One after another turned in sick. Nonetheless, a great side entered the field at the back-way alley of the IKEA.  

Fun fact, did you know that Dirk works at IKEA #knowyourSoCo. 

The game started like always. We need to get a bit into the game in attack but are not giving any room away in defence. Even though we were sloppy in attack, it was clear that we were going to be able to put some points on the board. The players of the Delft civilians were falling like bushes. Our scrum and defence saw one after another step of the field. In addition to this we started to get warm and Bob started throwing arrows all over the field. Sjoerd was twice very sharp and scored twice by running in a gap from one of these passes. Everyone started to get into the game, and we scored one try after another. The heads were starting to hang of the Delft players, and this gave Mowgli twice the opportunity to hand off his way over half of the field.  We lost a bit of our composure, but we were scoring tries for fun.  At the end of the first half, Delft’s Herman van Veen look-a-like even asked us to take it easy in the scrums on them. We ended the half with a lot of points on the board and none against us.  

To be fair, Delft didn’t give up. The injuries led them to have maybe less experienced players on the field but them were trying to give it there all. Nonetheless, we got a bit of our composure back in attack in the second half. We scored some great set pieces tries and even led Lonny go untouched over the line when he was in the field for 5 minutes as a winger. Our bomb squad again gave us some new fire and in the second half we really obliterated delft in attack. Sadly, we do not often score these many points. This saw us get a bit lazy in defence. We were not ruthless for a bit and this gave delft the opportunity to score twice in the last 10 minutes. Probs for them also to keep on trying even though we were smashing them. End score 92-14.  

Another great weekend for the 1XV. We showed that we have depth in the squad and next to that finally that we can finish properly. Over the last few years, you see that our always ok performances in the 2nd and 4th division led us to not be used to score every opportunity we get. Like a Sjaars at Minerva, we are not used to getting many opportunities, so it was difficult to practice finishing properly. This year we do get these opportunities and we finally ended with a fucking cherry on the cake and not eating all the icing before its finished. SO go out to the team effort in attack, Steven who got his first game back at the 1XV looking like a tuned BMW, Kyle who led in attack and smashed his way through the defensive line, the bomb squad for again getting us back on track and MotM Sjoerd for putting as many tries on the board as girls he fixed from the LSRG-ladies XV.    

Always drifting,  


L.S.R.G. 2XV vs. RC Sparta

The days before Sunday served as an unforgettable prologue to the match with RC Sparta. Firstly, of course, about 100 people joined up for the Diësdiner at Sociëteit Minerva. There, our pack of young dogs fought bravely against the sophomores of Minerva, the fight providing them a sense of the Gevoeltje they would feel even more the day after. Already bruised and battered, they would play against the old pricks of the L.S.R.G. on Saturday. Winning with 35 against 34, they proved their capability and warmed up for the match that would await them the next day.

On Sunday, spirits were high. Though the Spartans proved their strength in the scrums and had a very capable hooker, we played an amazing game of defence. Apparently, love was in the air, so many hugs/tackles were made by our team, especially Matthew on full back and Jillis on the inside centre. It must also be noted how many young dogs played their first game: Loef, Tim, Django, Diederik, Jasper, Matthew and Brian, who all showed why they were put into the selection this weekend. With such a team advancing with each training, we will absolutely crush the Bassets this Sunday and the teams coming after.

Oh yeah, concerning the score: in the last minute (overtime) Sparta screwed up their own score by finishing with 76-0 against us, instead of the 69-0 they could’ve also had.

For inclusivity (and because I’m a student Neerlandkunde) I provided you with a dutch translation:

De dagen voor zondag serveerden als een onvergetelijke proloog tot de wedstrijd met RC Sparta. Ten eerste, van cursus, ongeveer 100 mensen sloten aan voor het Diësdiner bij Sociëteit Minerva. Daar, ons pak van jonge honden vocht dapper tegen de tweedejaars van Minerva, het gevecht leverend hen een gevoel van het Gevoeltje zij zouden voelen zelfs meer de dag achter. Al gekneusd en gehavend, zij zou spelen tegen de oude prikjes van het L.S.R.G. op zaterdag. Winnend met 35 tegen 34, zij bewezen hun capabiliteit en warmde op voor de lucifer die zou opwachten hen de volgende dag.

Op zondag, geesten waren hoog. Hoewel de Spartanen bewezen hun kracht in de scrums en hadden een erg kundige lichtekooi, wij speelden een bevreemdend spel van verdediging. Blijkbaar, liefde was in de lucht, zo veel knuffels/tackles werden gemaakt door ons team, in het bijzonder Matthew op volle rug en Jillis op het binnencentrum. Het moet ook worden genoteerd hoe veel jonge honden speelden hun eerste spel: Loef, Tim, Django, Diederik, Jasper, Matthew en Brian, wie allen toonden waarom zij waren gestopt in de selectie dit weekend. Met zo een team voortschrijdend met elke training, we zullen absoluut pletten de Bassets deze zondag en de teams klaarkomend erna.

Oh ja, betreffende de partituur: in de laatste minuut (overtijd) Sparta schroefde hun eigen score dicht door finishen met 76-0 tegen ons, in plaats van de 69-0 zij had ook kunnen hebben gehad.

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. Oemoemenoe 2

Last Sunday, after the first real socials of the 2021-2022 season, the 1XV faced Oemoemenoe’s second team. Again, a second team of an ereklasse team. We prepared for another strong team with especially some typical Dutch Southern BMI spike among the ranks. In addition to this, we knew we were going to face on of our former 1XV player Jonkers on the field. Nonetheless, we had a strong side for the game and weren’t afraid for another endurance battle.  

As expected, Oemoemenoe packed some punch. Even a few of there backs could play in the front five. In addition to this, the ref turned out to be a familiar for us, well-known for his game control and knowledge of the rules. All signs for another great game at the Palenpadje. As expected, the game started the same as the weeks before. We start defending very well but cannot capitalize in attack. Some forward passes, knock-ons and other unfortunate things resulted in a lot of scrums. Nonetheless, we practice of the last few weeks started to throw its fruits. The kick chase and ball placement were brilliant. In addition to this, the clearing of the rucks was so good that the ball fell out of the ruck a few times. Growing pains but we adapted in game again to this. Like mentioned before, we didn’t capitalize in the first half. Rens again scored in a mysterious way using his speed and a perfectly executed bokkie let me run underneath the posts. Sadly, a combination of different factor and us not putting enough nails in the coffin of oemoemenoe led them get back in the game. With a score of 21-12 we went into half time.  

In the second half the so-called Bomb Squad came into the field with purpose. Attack their rucks, speed up the ball and look for space in behind. Although it took over 10 minutes to really show its fruits, this was the recipe to our success. The first half team pinned them down and the second half team ran straight over the Oemoemenoe defence. A perfect chase by Willem from an Ireland, a bingo from a zig zag by Sjoerd, a show and go from B.O.B., perfectly executed 10 drift from Guus to score, this half had everything.  Oemoememoe lived up to his name and really didn't have a clue what to do. End score, 59-12. 

It was again great to see the effect of training back in the game. We practised on how to speed up the ball and have trained to really obliterate a team in the last 20 minutes and this showed. Next to that we finally showed we were up for these terrible third-class games. We were not just the kind guys playing good rugby, we were also not afraid to play it a bit dirty like our opponent often do when they get the chance. Shout-out to the whole team for pulling it together in the second half and especially the bomb squad and MotM Mowgli.  

Always drifting,  


L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. Delftse Dames

© Jan Kaper

New month, new opponent, new chances in Delft, Danton 3’s current club and Renée’s previous one. It took us a while to get there while some girls where stuck behind a fence and others failed to wake up on time. However, when we finally arrived the game focus was on and we started the warming-up with some tackles and some push ups to show off our muscles. In the meantime a big, geyl zijlijngezelschap arrived including a picnic table, some blankets and lemonade. However, the match wasn’t anything like a walk in a park. When the game started we still had to get used to a new field and a new setup. Delft was stuck on our half and it seemed like we couldn’t do anything about it. They even got the chance to make some tries and probably thought we were weak.

Plot twist: we are not. The first one to show us that we are actually quite strong was one of our more experienced puppies Helena who made our first try this game. Then Zoe, who is always counting, saw that we needed an extra try to get as much points as the opponent, so she made one as well. Just like last week I want to mention the forwards who were shining on the field like the sun did. Especially Koos and Iris were tackling and pushing in rucks at their bests all over the place. One time, Myrthe saw her opportunity to zigzag over the field and make a fantastic try. After playing so well the team needed some rest. Unfortunately Delft took advantage of that which resulted in some tries against us.

Another plot twist: suddenly in the second halve we had the wind in our sails and Fred made use of that by scoring yet another beautiful try. Zoe made sure that we had enough points to actually win with two more tries and a perfectly carried out penalty kick. Then last but certainly not least, Flo, who could only just use all of her fingers again after an injury, made our last try to ensure that Delft had no chance left of winning. Delft kept trying but never stood a real chance to win anymore.

The champions took a warm shower and in contrast to last week we now had lots of snacks from the zijlijngezelschap and in the vajayjaybag. With everyone eating like they’ve never eaten before our lovely captain crowned the woman of the match. The woman that stood out and was crowned this game was Iris! Iris was always the first one to recycle during the game and as said before was really giving her all in the tackles and rucks. In addition, while I didn’t call her out earlier when I told about someone who overslept, now I am doing it anyway, because Roos was the one who received the vajayjaybag! Stay tuned because next week we will be keeping up the winning streak.

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