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LSRG Nieuws

57th Dies.

Starting with many a cheeky pint at Minerva the 57th Dies was kicked off in a manner suiting our horny Gezelschap. On Friday know that many a rugby song was sung, the Ballboy and his Young Dogs ran around Minerva looking for the Oeroe and many a member had to down their drink when called on their hand usage. 

This was continued on Saturday where after the traditional cake and coffee accompanied by the horniest song known to man, 't Palenpad. Old LSRG took on the 2XV in which turned out to be a very horny match. Old LSRG knew how to use their experience well and put a few try's on the relatively inexperienced 2XV. However, by the end of the first half, some openings were found in their line as well and the seconds got their first try's as well. The second half was once more strongly opened by the old pricks however as finally, they started losing their breath the second team really shaped up and showed what the newest generation can do. Ultimately ending in a score of 36:51 in favor of Old LSRG. Photos can be found here After this many stories about the old times were shared whilst enjoying a beer or two under the late autumn sun. And after those first two beers many more followed even when that sun had disappeared behind the posts of Palenpad 3.0. To summarize: Geil!

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